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    What Happened To Madonna? Pop Queen Rushed To Emergency Care After Being Found Unresponsive

    Millions of fans were left shocked and upset as pop star and global icon Madonna was rushed to hospital after what turned out to be a bacterial infection. Many media outlets have reported her trip to the ICU, with her daughter Lourdes Leon standing by her side through this entire nightmare.

    Gary Oseary, the manager, has come out to provide encouraging details about the pop star’s health. Unfortunately, the Celebration concert is no longer happening for an unseen future. Depending on Madonna’s recovery rate, there will be more details about upcoming and rescheduled shows.

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    Madonna In ICU Following Bacterial Infection 

    The ‘La Isla Bonita’ hitmaker cancels tour following the recent healthcare

    Madonna was immediately wheeled to a New York City hospital after being found in an unresponsive state. Sources had reported that the 64-year-old popstar was incubated before the doctors decided to remove her tube. For now, her Celebration tour has been canceled. Page 6 has reported that the pop star’s sons have visited their mother’s NYC apartment while she’s hospitalized.

    As Madonna rests and recovers, her manager, Guy Oseary, has assured the fans of full recovery. In his Instagram post, Oseary said her longtime client had “developed a serious bacterial infection.” As a result, she’ll spend some time in the hospital until she finds her full strength.

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    Madonna’s History Of Illnesses And Injuries

    Touring seems to take a toll on the pop star’s well-being

    Madonna’s current health scare wasn’t the first one. She has been dealing with injuries and illnesses as far as she’s dealt with her fame. Between 2019 to 2020, the ‘Material Girl’ singer was troubled by hip and knee injuries which she treated with regenerative therapy. 

    The pop star tested positive for Covid-19 in 2020, leading her to cancel the Paris leg of her Madam X concert. The 64-year-old pop star initially believed it was a case of “very bad flu,” but it turned out to be much worse. Forever a fighter, we’ll pray for Madonna to pull through her current state. 

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