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    Taylor Swift Releases Vault For ‘1989’: Here’s What It Means

    As September ends, we’re all excited about Taylor Swift‘s ‘1989‘ (Taylor’s Version). After the re-release of three of her previous albums, the highly anticipated ‘1989‘, which was Swift’s genre shift album, is going to get its Taylor’s Version.

    Known for her Easter eggs, Swift has devised a brilliant way to share the vault track titles with fans. What are vault tracks? And how is Taylor sharing these with fans? Here’s how.

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    1989 (Taylor’s Version): Everything You Need To Know

    Taylor Swift announcing 1989 (Taylor's Version)
    Taylor Swift announces ‘1989’ (Taylor’s Version)

    On August 10, Taylor Swift announced the re-recorded version of ‘1989‘, which will be out on October 27. Posting the announcement on Twitter, she called it her “most favorite re-record” she has ever done because “the 5 From The Vault tracks are so insane.”

    She announced the album at her last LA show, where she showed up in a collection of all-blue outfits to represent the album’s colors. Fans had been speculating that the re-recording would be released soon for a long time as they decoded the various Easter eggs Swift had left behind.

    The album is rumored to have various collaborations, some of which include Nicki Minaj, The 1975, and even Harry Styles. Though Swift hasn’t confirmed any collaborations, yet, she has just released a set of clues for her vault tracks for ‘1989‘. What are vault tracks, and how is Taylor Swift leaving clues for fans to find them?

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    ‘1989’ Vault Tracks

    1989 album cover

    Vault tracks are basically tracks that Taylor wrote for albums but somehow didn’t make the final cut. And as a result of her re-recording her albums, she puts out some new, never-before-heard tracks for each album. Her album ‘Fearless’ (Taylor’s Version) had six vault tracks; ‘Speak Now’ (Taylor’s Version) had six vault tracks, and ‘Red’ (Taylor’s Version) gave fans nine vault tracks.

    As announced, ‘1989′ (Taylor’s Version) has five vault tracks and Swift is already leaving clues for them. Each of her re-recorded albums has a metaphorical ‘vault’ where the songs are stored. Before releasing the album, she posts a teaser that has certain letters in it. Fans have to put them together and try to guess what the vault tracks are called.

    Taylor has, however, devised a clever plan to help fans decode the vault tracks. In a collaboration with Google, if you look up Swift’s name, you’ll see a little animation of a vault. When you click on it, you will next see a word puzzle.

    As you solve them, you will know that most of these are just random words that are related to Swift in some way. Is the word puzzle going to unlock the vault tracks? No. Instead, as a blog from Google says, there are a total of 89 puzzles. All the vault track names will be released when 33 million puzzles have been solved.

    This little activity has led to Swift becoming the most searched-about celebrity.

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