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‘They Are Soulmates’: Swifties Think Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Are Endgame Because Of These Coincidences

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are America’s favorite couple right now. The pop star and the football star seem to be head over heels for one another, be it on dinner dates, hangout sessions, riding away in a convertible, or just exchanging super gooey glances during the game. What’s better is that Swifties fully approve of Kelce.

Not just approved, Swifties actually believe this couple is the endgame. Read on to know why.

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Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce’s Relationship

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s love story came together as nothing less than a player X popstar trope. Their sweet innocent glances as she cheered for him while he stared at her from the field, Swift meeting his mother, Kelce renting out a whole restaurant for a date with her, and then the two driving away in a convertible getaway car; these are all nothing short than a romance movie.

The NFL has fully dedicated their social media pages to talk about Swift, who showed up at her boyfriend’s game for a second time along with her squad. And Swifties are now learning the basics of football for their idol’s new beau. As the couple continues to spend quality time, here are some reasons why fans think Traylor is actually an endgame. And trust me, there are a LOT of coincidences.

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Invisible String (Taylor And Travis’ Version)

Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift

Well, to begin with, Travis Kelce was born in 1989, the same year as Taylor Swift. He was born on 5th October, which happens to be Swift’s grandmother Marjorie Finlay’s birthday too.

Spooked? Well, there’s more.

This fan found a picture of Taylor with Kelce’s sweatshirt during her ‘Red‘ era, almost a decade ago.

Some fans also thought that certain Taylor Swift lyrics from her past albums seem to relate to her relationship with Travis now.

To add more, Travis’ signature arrow is quite similar to the sign she makes while she sings her song ‘The Archer’.

Well, it really does seem like the couple is headed toward something great, and it might just be an endgame for them.

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