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    “We’re Not Gonna Keep Singing”: Taylor Swift Stops Her Concert Mid-Song To Help A Fan In Need

    Taylor Swift just proved to her Edinburgh audience that she can, indeed, multitask as she fills in lyrics to her song ‘Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve’ with words of concern for a fan who was in need of help.

    Swift has always ensured her fans are safe and okay during her concerts as she was previously seen handing water bottles to her fans from the stage while in South America. Here’s how she reacted to a fan in need in Edinburgh as she starts the Britain leg of her Eras Tour.

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    Taylor Swift Helps A Fan Mid-Concert

    Taylor Swift at the 'Eras Tour'
    Taylor Swift at the ‘Eras Tour’

    During the Britain leg of the Eras Tour, Taylor Swift interrupted her surprise song set on while singing a mashup of “Would’ve Could’ve Should’ve” and “I Know Places,” during night one of her performances in Edinburgh, Scotland, to signal that a member of the crowd needed assistance. Social media footage that has surfaced online showed how Swift openly said the concert would not go on until the fan was found and attended to.

    “She’s right there. I’m just gonna keep playing until somebody helps them, I’m gonna be singing this song,” Swift sang as she played her guitar, adding that she was “going to keep talking” till the fan got help.

    “Just let me know. I can do this all night,” she said, getting amusingly frustrated. When the fan finally got help, she sang, “We’re good? Awesome!” before continuing with the bridge of the song.

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    Taylor Swift’s Britain Leg Of The ‘Eras Tour’

    Taylor Swift at the 'Eras Tour'
    Taylor Swift at the ‘Eras Tour’

    After touring all across America, Australia and parts of Asia and Europe, Taylor Swift has finally stopped in the United Kingdom for the record-breaking Eras Tour, months after her British fans have waited for her to announce dates.

    Praising the audience in Edinburgh Swift said, they were ‘beautifully generous’ thanking them for making her feel ‘wonderfully welcome,’ as she added: “Even before we got here, you showed love and passion. We got here and you guys are like this! The volume of singing and dancing, I can’t stop looking at the crowd, I’m fully distracted by how great you are.”

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