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    “She Wants It More Than Anyone”: Lana Del Rey Says Taylor Swift Desired Pop Stardom Most In The Music Industry

    Taylor Swift‘s domination over the music industry is like none other. She is currently involved with her million-dollar Eras Tour and is thriving. Another successful music artist Lana Del Rey, who happens to be Taylor’s best friend, feels Taylor deserved everything she has, more than anyone.

    Lana Del Rey being a kind friend and admirer of Swift, said that Taylor has talked to her about all the things she has ever wanted and as she is getting all of them, her hard work paid off.

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    “She Wants It”: Lana Del Rey On Taylor Swift’s Success

    Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift
    Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift

    Lana Del Rey is much more excited and happy about the success Taylor is getting. In a recent BBC story. Lana talked about how Taylor wanted everything she has now and she is the worthy one among all to get it. She said, “She wants it, She’s told me so many times that she wants it more than anyone. And how amazing — she’s getting exactly what she wants.”

    Summer Time Sadness’ singer added, “She’s driven, and I think it’s paid off.”Both Taylor and Lana have shared a great friendship for a long, which could be seen through Lana’s appreciation for her. According to Lana, Taylor is focused on achieving all her ambitions and her songs are crossing the numbers on the charts.

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    Lana’s Favorite Song From ‘The Tortured Poets Department’

    Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift
    Lana and Taylor

    Taylor’s recent albumThe Tortured Poets Department marked sixth straight week atop the Billboard 200. She is indeed dominating the charts. Lana also called her album “beautiful” and shared her favorite track off the 31-song album.

    Lana Del Rey mentioned, “It’s the one, ‘Whose Afraid of Little Old Me,’ whatever that title was”. As both Lana and Taylor collaborated for ‘‘Snow On the Beach’ on the ‘Midnights’ album, Taylor called Lana “One of the best musical artists ever.”

    Showing their adorable friendship to the media, they both also walked together on the red carpet of the 2024 Grammys and later went to the Super Bowl together to show support to Taylor’s boyfriend Travis Kelce.

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