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    Who Is Boygenius? All About The Grammy Nominated Indie Supergroup

    Indie artists Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus came together to create their very own band called ‘boygenius’ and it’s the best indie group out there now.

    Born in 2018, the supergroup released their debut album this year, and bagged six Grammy nominations including ‘Album Of The Year’ and ‘Record Of The Year.’ Here’s a brief history of the band about how they started and the secret to their early success.

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    All About Boygenius


    This female-led indie band stands out in its genre as one of the few indie bands climbing tall heights of success this early. Led by Phoebe Bridgers, Lucy Dacus and Julien Baker, the band name apparently means, “a “boygenius” is someone who their whole life has been told that their ideas are genius.” in Bridger’s words.

    Started in 2018, their first EP garnered a lot of attention. The three artists already had sizable fandoms and a good following, they were brought together accidentally, as the three of them were each other’s fans and then became friends soon. Playing in each others’ concerts brought in an array of ideas. But when they got together that summer, they were so full of ideas that they couldn’t stop creating, recording, and producing the Boygenius EP themselves in only four days—a process that involved nearly all women.

    Soon enough, they were creating headlines. The band played in Coachella and sold out shows, their first album debuted at #4 on the Billboard charts. Before they knew it, they were one of the biggest bands in the industry and one that stands out from all the other bands.

    Promoting sisterhood, women empowerment, and free expression of feelings and speech, the band has six singles and five music videos, one of which is even directed by Kristen Stewart. Just five years old and a long hiatus and just one album, the supergroup has already achieved way more than they expected. After all of this, what’s next for them?

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    What’s Next For The Supergroup?


    As of now, the trio are awaiting the Grammy winner list and hopefully they’ll get to take home some of them. The band has also released a new single, a rendition of “The Parting Glass” which Bridgers said is a tribute to Sinead O’Connor.

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    It is also unsure whether they will continue making music together or will spend time away from the group to focus on their solo careers and take another hiatus. Either way, new music is in store, that’s for sure.

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