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    Why People Are Demanding ‘Big Boy’ Performed By SZA On SNL To Be Officially Released?

    The 2022 year-end is the SZA month. The singer-songwriter is basking in the glorious success of her sophomore album ‘SOS’ released on December 9th, 2022. The single ‘Shirt’ was already charting on Billboard on Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs debuting at No.4. ‘SOS’ is a deeper reflection on heart breaks and isolation that one goes through. SZA appeared at Studio 8H on SNL to promote her new album along with the debutant Keke Palmer (and her baby).

    On December 1st, 2022, Keke Palmer, Bowen Yang, and SZA appeared in the promo video hyping up the audience for some ‘Black girls magic’. On SNL, SZA performed two singles from her latest album ‘Blind’ and ‘Shirt’. However, that was not it for the musical star. Along with Keke Palmer, Cecily Strong, and Punkie Johnson, she performed a spoof song about getting a ‘Big Boy’ for ‘Cuffin’ Season’ which is raging on the internet.

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    ‘Big Boy’ By SZA And Keke Palmer Has Become Internet Favorite

    SZA on SNL performing 'Big Boy'
    SZA on SNL performing ‘Big Boy’

    It is SZA’s world and we are living in it! The new album ‘SOS’ has become a new break up favorite during the holiday season. She has, like her debut album, bare her soul in this one. The album has a cross-pollination of genres giving the fans the taste of the best heartbreak music. The album debuted on the No.1 position on Billboard 200.

    Both of her albums featured on the Billboard 200 Top 10 list. Along with the album, two of the songs ‘Kill Bill’ and ‘Nobody Gets Me’ reached No.3 and No.10 positions, respectively. The Top Dawg Entertainment artist did not expect this at all!

    But, before the album release, the ‘Love Galore’ artist appeared as the musical guest on SNL with Keke Palmer. Like the tradition, she performed her songs from the album. But, both the guests surprised the SNL audience with a performance on an unofficial spoof song titled ‘Big Boy’. Along with the two, the SNL artists Cecily Strong, Punkie Johnson, and Ego Nwodim also appeared on the song.

    The song talks about how, during the cuffin’ season, girls need big boys for a warm cuddle. SZA sang the hook ‘It’s cuffin’ season, and now we’ve got a reason to get a big boy, I need a big boy’. She continues, ‘It’s cuffin’ season, and all girls are leavin’ to get a big boy, I need a big boy’. The song has blown up on the internet.

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    Twitteratis Realized The Song Is Not In The Official Album

    SZA on SNL
    SZA on SNL

    TikTok users have picked up the song and since then, they have been posting videos with the song in the background. On December 21st, the short-video app registered 427.9k videos. On December 23rd, 2022, SZA tweeted, “He way y’all blew up a spoof song from snl is KILLING ME”. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she appeared to talk about the album.

    The interviewer asked her about the song going viral on TikTok. SZA said, “That was [made in] 15 minutes at the end of a rehearsal. I just went in there and they were like, “This is our ‘Big Boys’ song. Would you be down to do this hook?” And I was like, “Yes.” I did it with my engineer, and he helped out with the song. It was cool”. The song is charting on Shazam, where people might have had a field day thinking that it is on the official album.

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