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    ‘Black Mirror’ S06E01 Convinces Fans To Cancel Their Netflix Subscription After It Reveals A Darker Side Of Streaming Platform

    Since 2011,Black Mirror has been spooking people with its insane and terrifying content. However, the release of the sixth season, revealed that the series is now moving in a completely different direction. The show’s earlier episodes explored the technological dystopian future. Yet Season Six managed to retain the sense of psychological horror and mind-blowing sequences.

    Season six of ‘Black Mirror’ travels back to its roots and introduces the fans to unfamiliar ways to perceive familiar concepts. This terrifying effect has led fans to cancel their Netflix subscription. Episode one of season six revealed a darker side of the streaming platform which has resulted in the fans losing their mind.

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    ‘Black Mirror’ S06 E01 – Joan Is Awful Explained

    Joan is Awful

    The first episode of the most anticipated series, Joan is Awful portrays the present issue. The episode introduces us to Joan Tait, who is tired of her life and bored with her finance. She gets home to find her finance watching Streamberry (‘Black Mirror‘s version of Netflix) where they land on a new show called Joan is Awful starring Salma Hayek. After a long debate, the couple agrees to watch, only to discover that Hayek played a dramatized version of Joan’s real day without missing a single detail. 

    Horrified by this, Joan visits her attorney, who says that Streamberry is allowed to do this because of the ‘Terms and Conditions’ that Joan signed up for the service. To test the extent of this, Joan decides to choose pretty gross decisions like eating a lot of greasy burgers, crashing a wedding, and defecating all over the church floors. Even Hayek recreates the same actions, leaving the fans as well as Joan even more terrified. 

    The episode ends with revealing that Streamberry was intending to use this tactic to retain their viewership because negative emotions generate more retention. After watching all this the fans wonder if the same could happen to them and cancel their Netflix subscription. However this is not the end, the twist of the climax leaves one dumbfounded. The episode which the fans see, with Annie Murphy as Joan, is the version of the show that the real Joan, who is played by Kayla Lorette, has been watching.

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    Do These Terms And Conditions Exist On Netflix?


    The first episode of ‘Black Mirror’ has gotten the fans to recheck Netflix’s terms and conditions. The episode takes a playful yet serious jab at how people don’t generally read the terms and condition page leading Joan to essentially sign away her life. It introduces the fans to an unimaginable quantum computer that is essentially artificial intelligence so advanced that it writes scripts, creates deep fakes, and also streams a show all in real-time. Releasing this episode during the ongoing writer’s strike is no coincidence as this system replaces scribes. 

    But does Netflix follow this in real time? Thankfully, Netlix’s terms and condition does not allow them to pull off anything that was showcased on Streamberry in ‘Black Mirror’. There are many legal and ethical limitations to what the streaming service faces.  However, the concept is purely satirical, with the added bonus of the streamers making sure to check the terms and conditions. Or it may just be a quick glance into the future, alerting the users to be aware of signing up their life for public content. 

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