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    ‘Bridgerton’ Season 3 Explains The Fate Of Lady Danbury’s Affair On ‘Queen Charlotte’ And Her Friendship With Violet

    Bridgerton season 3 not only had many surprises in store for the fans but it also addressed one controversial love story from Queen Charlotte. This particular scene between Lady Danbury and Violet Bridgerton is the connection between the two shows. Adjoa Andoh, the actor behind Lady Agatha Danbury also shares her thoughts on the scene. 

    ‘Queen Charlotte’ is sort of a prequel to ‘Bridgerton’. It explored the youths of the Queen, her love story with King George and also the youth of Lady Danbury. It also clears the mystery of why Lady Danbury is so attached to the Bridgertons. So this scene from season 3 of the show gives a nod to a controversial relationship from the past. 

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    Lady Danbury And Violet Bridgerton’s Past Explained

    Lord Ledger and a young Lady Danbury
    Lord Ledger and a young Lady Danbury

    The prequel series had revealed that after the death of Lord Danbury, a young Agatha Danbury found a friendship and a connection. And it was with Lord Ledger. After meeting on a walk unexpectedly, the pair started taking secret walks together. They also had a brief affair before mutually agreeing to stop seeing each other.

    In the season finale of ‘Queen Charlotte’, Violet finds out about the little affair and tries to confront Lady Danbury. Afterall Lord Ledger was her father. However, Lady Danbury simply says, “I have loved and been loved. And that is all I shall say.”

    However, in season 3 of ‘Bridgerton’, the matter is raised again. When Violet asks for her blessings to pursue her feelings for Marcus, her brother, Lady Danbury refers to the incident again. “After all, it is not as though I asked your permission,” Lady Danbury adds, subtly referencing the affair. “You know, yes?” However, Violet does not mind. She shows that she is at peace with the matter by saying, “I know my father was a good man. And that you have been a very good friend. And that is all I need to know.” Lady Danbury then says that no man can ever come between their friendship. 

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    Lady Danbury Actress Adjoa Andoh On The ‘Delicate Resolution’

    Lady Danbury and Violet Bridgerton
    Lady Danbury and Violet Bridgerton

    Adjoa Andoh, who plays Lady Danbury, was actually eager to see how the matter would be raised in future seasons of ‘Bridgerton’. Andoh told Business Insider in an interview her thoughts on how the matter was resolved. “I was really fascinated to see if it would and how it would impact the narrative of season three,” Andoh said.

    And I’ve really enjoyed the way Violet and I come to our own delicate resolution, but also in that mix obviously is the brother. It’s kind of lovely. There’s a lot of complexity in there for Lady Danbury,” she continued. “When you come to season three, you’ve had all of that, plus you know that she had this great love of her life and it makes your understanding of why she’s so invested in the Bridgertons stronger,” Andoh added, “Why? Because they are the offspring of the man of her heart,” Andoh said.

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