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    ‘Day Shift’ Trailer: Jamie Foxx And Snoop Dogg Kill Vampires In Netflix’s Action-Comedy

    Day Shift‘ stars Jamie Foxx as a vampire hunter in the first look. Earlier this week, Netflix released a complete trailer for the upcoming movie.

    With Dave Franco and Snoop Dogg in the cast, the film’s trailer gives spectators a taste of the action, humor, and horror to come for aficionados of both comedy and vampire tales, this is the program for you.

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    ‘Day Shift’ Trailer Features Jamie Foxx As A Rule-Breaking Vampire Hunter

    Jamie Foxx As A Rule-Breaking Vampire Hunter
    Jamie Foxx stars in ‘Day Shift’

    With a focus on the movie’s action rather than its take on vampire mythology, the first full trailer for ‘Day Shift‘ leaves you with only a vague idea of what a demon-hunting organization looks like. However, the trailer serves as a reminder of the strength that can be gained when employees gather together in times of need.

    It follows the narrative of Bud Jablonski (Jamie Foxx), a long-time vampire hunter, his wife Meagan Good, and daughter Zion Broadnax, whose relationship with him is strained due to his profession. His family believes he is a pool cleaner, but in truth, Bud is one of several vampire hunters that operate around the world and take out the blood-sucking undead for hefty rewards. This is why his name is often misspelled. Members of the union like Big John Elliott (Snoop Dogg) rely on their membership to be paid and stay part of the wider struggle against evil. Unlike Bud, who somehow was kicked out of the union in the past.

    ‘Day Shift’ Could Be ‘John Wick’ With Vampires

    Day Shift Is Basically John Wick With Vampires
    Day Shift Is Basically John Wick With Vampires

    Since JJ Perry, the stunt coordinator from ‘John Wick: Chapter 2‘, directed the Netflix movie, it’s practically just John Wick with vampires. ‘Day Shift‘ trailer reveals that this one isn’t digging too deep into vampire mythology, but rather focuses on killing them in gruesome ways.

    If Perry brings any of his John Wick magic to the table, the vampires’ newfound flexibility should provide for some exciting action moments in the film. To keep his family in Los Angeles, Foxx plays a rule-breaking, vampire killer dad who must make a large score in order to avoid being kicked out of Hollywood. If he wants to work with James Franco again, he must re-join the vampire-killing union he was expelled from, and work the “day shift”.

    The plots of the film and John Wick don’t appear to have anything in common. It is clear, however, from the film’s trailer, that director Chad Stahelski and producer Chad Stahelski worked hard to give it a comparable feeling of suspense and excitement that might be just the thing ‘Day Shift‘ needs to gain fervor when it opens on August 12th.

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