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    Netflix’s ‘Virgin River’ Season 5 Episode Titles May Have Revealed The Storyline 

    Season 5 of the Netflix series ‘Virgin River‘ is going to be released soon. And before that, the episode titles might have revealed the storyline of the fifth season. The series is based on the novels of Robyn Carr. 

    So today we will take a look at what the episode titles are and how they reveal the storyline. Fans of ‘Virgin River‘ might have already figured them out. However, let’s still take a look at the upcoming Netflix series. 

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    What Are The Episode Titles of ‘Virgin River’ Season 5?

    'Virgin River' still
    ‘Virgin River’ still

    Although not much has been revealed about season 5, the episode titles have been released. The first title which has been revealed is ‘Songbird’ which can be expected to be episode 2 followed by ‘Calculated Risk’ which might be episode 3 and ‘Never Gonna Be the Same’.

    The other episode titles released are- ‘A Second Chance’, ‘Angel’s Peak,’ ‘Father Christmas’, ‘The More the Merrier’, ‘From the Ashes’, ‘Full Moon’, ‘Heroes Rise’, ‘Labor Day’ and ‘Trial by Fire’. 

    Now, The Viewer’s Perspective on Instagram shared the potential plotline behind the episodes. According to them, the fifth season might see a big fire affecting the community. The storyline will be built up over multiple episodes as suggested by the titles. 

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    What More Can Be Predicted About Season 5?

    It is safe to say that viewers are very excited about ‘Virgin River’ Season 5. And since a sixth season has already been renewed, we know there is more to the story yet. Season 5 of Virgin River will likely focus on a devastating fire and how the community stands back up. 

    Furthermore, with the title ‘Father Christmas‘, viewers might look forward to a Christmas special episode as well. ‘Angel’s Peak’ is the title of one of the episodes as well. 

    And fans of the series already know that this is the title of the ninth book in the book series. So the storyline of that book might be adapted in season 5 as well. Nothing has been confirmed officially by Netflix or the writers of Virgin River yet. But if these predictions are correct then viewers really have something to look forward to in season 5.

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