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    ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ Contestants Threaten To Sue Netflix Over Hypothermia and Nerve Damage

    Netflix’s ‘Squid Game‘s success was unpredictable and huge. The Korean show that aired in 2021 had everyone in a chokehold and is one of the most watched and famous shows produced by Netflix, leading the creators to announce a season 2, and as a cherry on the top, a real-life experience for fans of the show to play the game real-time, in ‘Squid Game: The Challenge‘.

    As the show started airing, many voiced safety concerns regarding the activities and games of the show. True to these concerns, two contestants suffered injuries and hypothermia and are now deciding to sue Netflix over it.

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    ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’: Dystopian Setting Becomes Reality TV

    ‘Squid Game: The Challenge’ / Source: Netflix

    The reality show is a ten-episode series featuring 456 real contestants playing the games that the characters in the original show played, for a whopping $4.56 million. The contestants will be eliminated as the show keeps going on. The makers of the show have found ways to depict the fictional series’ games of Red Light Green Light and others.

    Of course, the reality show isn’t as fatal as the fictional one. No one dies here, thankfully and there’s no gore. But someone did get injured. And Netflix is now in trouble.

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    Squid Game: The Challenge / Source: Netflix

    Two contestants on Netflix’s ‘Squid Game: The Challenge‘ have threatened to sue the makers of the show. The players allege that during filming “Red Light, Green Light,” the show’s opening game, they experienced hypothermia and nerve damage. They claim that there were inadequate health and safety protocols on the show, which led to their injuries.
    Further, the participants are requesting compensation for their wounds. They have chosen to sue Netflix over it. They are being represented by Express Solicitors, a British personal injury law firm.

    The show was filmed at Cardington Studios, a former Royal Air Force post in Bedford. After participating in the game for six hours, some competitors passed out from the low temperature of 32 degrees.

    Netflix is yet to comment on the charges.

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