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    Where Was Netflix’s ‘The Gentlemen’ Filmed? All Shoot Locations

    We all love some good gangster, thriller movies for that adrenaline rush and suspense throughout. One of the directors who do this very effortlessly and is known for his gangster-themed films is Guy Ritchie’. His works also include ‘Sherlock Holmes’. And he has done it again. He recently made a spin-off Netflix series of his 2019 movie with the same title: ‘The Gentlemen. It is #1 all over the US. It is a brilliant show about legacy, and self-discovery and mainly revolves around the criminal underworld.

    The British actor Theo James is playing Eddie Horniman, who inherits his father’s 1,5000-acre estate, with a huge weed-growing empire and a debt (Freddy Horniman) of 8 million pounds to a gangster. The story revolves around Eddie navigating his way through the same. To create realism, the show had some great locations which were mainly filmed in London. Here is everything you need to know about the shooting locations of ‘The Gentlemen’.

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    Where Was ‘The Gentlemen’ Filmed?

    The Gentlemen house; or Halstead Manor which is actually The Badminton estate.
    The Gentlemen House; or Halstead Manor which is actually The Badminton estate.

    The show had some perfect shooting locations, with great architecture as well. Here is all you need to know about the grand locations of the series.

    1. The Gentlemen House

    The Halstead Manor was the Gentlemen house and it wasn’t an actual house. It was filmed at the Badminton House, Gloucestershire. “Badminton felt immediately perfect for Halstead location,” location manager Iggy Elli revealed because “it’s a proper, lived in, home, rather than a National museum trust. So inside there’d be some walking sticks by the door or a few shotgun rounds from where they’d been out shooting. There were cracks and tired bits as you’d get in every family home. But there was also oil painting and history and majesty. It felt perfect for our story.”

    The mansion felt perfect for all the scenes, It had that royal and dark look to it, to actually give the theme storylines revolve around. Furthermore, the same estate was used for the filming of ‘Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story‘.

    2. May Fair Private Member’s Club

    The Pinky’s Club was where Eddie meets Stanley Johnston. In real life, it is The Reform Club, Pall Mall.

    3. Printworks London

    The may fair private member club scene was shot here
    The boxing scene was shot here

    Rotherhithe’s Printworks was used for an illegal boxing fight. The place is now closed. The industrial building was once a nightclub and was also used while filmingThe Batman.

    Other locations include:

    The shooting locations of The Gentlemen
    The shooting locations of The Gentlemen
    • Wrotham Park, Hertfordshire: Lavish country pile of Bridgewater house in the series
    • Stoke Court, Buckinghamshire: Used for Halstead Manor interior and the famous cooked-up Friday chicken scene
    • Stoke Court: It was again used for making Halsted Manor particular story scenes.
    • Loseley Park: It is also used for number of scenes on the series ‘The Gentlemen’.

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    Are The Places Open To The Public?

    The Gentlemen, A Netflix series.
    ‘The Gentlemen’, a Netflix series.

    All the shooting places are situated in London. Few of the places among the shooting locations are museum galleries or simple buildings that either are used for shooting or are closed. The badminton house is open to the general public including the Mayfair private member’s club. With great architecture, the following places could be visited and if you’re a fan of the show ‘The Gentlemen or Bridgeton for that matter that matter. ‘The Gentlemen‘ is now streaming on Netflix.

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