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    Will There Be ‘Sex Education’ Season 5?

    Netflix shows have not remained restricted only to fantasy and suspense thrillers. It has produced some of the best comedy-drama shows that are aimed at teenage audiences and they have also received a positive response. ‘Sex Education’ is one of those shows and it has aired for three seasons until now.

    The fourth season is scheduled to premiere soon but the bad news for now is that it is the final season of the show. However, audiences are still waiting for the show’s fifth season.

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    ‘Sex Education’ Season 5 Is Not Confirmed By The Producers

    Sex Education
    ‘Sex Education’ has not been renewed for a fifth season until now

    For now, it has been confirmed that the fourth season of ‘Sex Education’ will be the final season of the show. A teaser trailer has been already released for the upcoming season but the producers have not renewed the series for another season.

    Creator and executive producer Laurie Nunn also shared a statement for the fans of the show, saying that they are indebted to the writers, cast, and crew of the show for making it so successful. Laurie continued, “They have worked tirelessly to bring you the final series, and we can’t wait to share it with you.”

    Meanwhile, a majority of the cast members have revealed that they won’t return if the show is renewed for another season. This includes Simone Ashley, Tanya Reynolds, and Patricia Allison.

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    What Will Be The Plot Of ‘Sex Education’ Season 4?

    Sex Education
    ‘Sex Education’ Season 4 will continue from where the third season ended

    Sex Education’ Season 4 will mark the end of the series. According to the official description of the fourth season, Otis and Eric will be facing a new frontier on the first day at Cavendish Sixth Form College. Otis is nervous to set up his new clinic and Eric is expecting that they won’t be losers again.

    However, Cavendish turns out to be different for the Moordale students as there are daily yoga sessions in the communal garden. It also mentions, “Viv is totally thrown by the college’s student-led, non-competitive approach, while Jackson is still struggling to get over Cal.”

    Aimee also attempts something different by taking an Art A-Level and Adam tries to understand if he suits perfectly for the mainstream education. Maeve has been pursuing her dream at Wallace University and Otis is “pining” after her and trying to adjust as a child at home and the only therapist on the campus.

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