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    Airbnb Launches ‘Icons’ Which Offers Stays In The Iconic X-Men Mansion from’ X-Men ‘97’ 

    Attention pop culture enthusiasts and travel junkies! Airbnb just dropped a new category called Icons’. The category promises epic stays unlike any other. The fans can now live like Wolverine in the X-Men Mansion or drift off to sleep in the actual floating house from Disney’s Up!

    Imagine training in the Danger Room or unwinding in Professor X’s study the X-Mansion experience is bound to unleash the inner mutant (or at least make the person staying feel like one). These experiences are just a taste of the incredible adventures Airbnb’s Icons aims to deliver. 

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    The X-Men Mansion Will Offer More Than Just A Stay Experience

    An Image of X-Men Mansion By Airbnb
    An Image of X-Men Mansion By Airbnb

    There’s no word yet on exactly what the X-Men Mansion experience entails, but Airbnb hints at activities beyond just sightseeing. Additionally, The listing promises the chance to “discover your mutant abilities” which sounds a lot cooler than taking a generic aptitude test.  

    Even if your mutant powers remain stubbornly dormant, the X-Mansion stay is bound to be an unforgettable experience. Imagine taking a class with Beast in his lab, or learning combat tactics from Wolverine. It’s a chance to step into the world of the X-Men and live out your childhood fantasies. 

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    How To Become An X-Man (For A Night)

    An Image of X-Men Mansion By Airbnb
    An Image of X-Men Mansion By Airbnb

    Specific details about the X-Mansion Airbnb haven’t been revealed yet, but with the program’s recent launch, exciting announcements are sure to follow. Additionally, the Airbnb app will share updates with the fans who want to stay in the mansion.

    Also, Booking will likely involve a digital lottery system. Surprisingly, the ‘Icons’ experiences won’t break the bank! While specific details on how bookings will work are still under wraps, Airbnb assures that most ‘Icons’ stays will be free, with none exceeding $100 per person. So, that once-in-a-lifetime experience you thought was impossible might actually be within reach.

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