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    ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’ Fan Art Shows Tom Holland In Symbiote Spider-Man Suit

    San Diego Comic-Con 2022 brought a bunch of surprises for Marvel fans. One really special announcement was about the much-awaited ‘Avengers’ movies. They have been tentatively titled ‘Avengers: The Kang Dynasty’ and ‘Avengers: Secret Wars’. Not just that, but Marvel declared that it is entering a brand new saga called Multiverse Saga.

    Avengers: Secret Wars’ which is going to be the biggest Avengers movie in the history of Marvel, has filled the hearts of the fans with anticipation already. And, Spider-Man’s unique symbiote suit which he dons in the comic book storyline will feature in it. But, why should you wait for the look when a Marvel fan has already created a piece of art of Tom Holland in the symbiote suit?

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    The Marvel Fan Art Shows Tom Holland’s Spider-Man In A New Light

    Tom Holland in Symbiote suit
    Tom Holland in Symbiote suit

    An Instagram artist, who is also a Marvel fan with the handle @Spdrmnkyxxiii, created mind-blowing concept art of Tom Holland wearing the iconic symbiote suit for ‘Avengers: Secret Wars.’ Fans are already drooling over the probable look of Holland in the suit. We are sure his the official first look from the movie will create a frenzy whenever it comes out.

    The concept art features a scene where the Venom symbiote is taking over Holland’s Spider-Man. Not just that but the background shows that a multiversal war has already begun. Avengers team members including Ms. Marvel, Hulk, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, Shang-Chi, and even Ghost Rider are also seen fighting in the background.

    Kevin Feige Speaks About MCU’s Future

    Kevin Feige
    Kevin Feige hints about MCU’s Phase 5

    Besides the announcement of the two Avengers movies, MCU’s plan for the next three years has also been revealed. Marvel boss Kevin Feige himself gave some hints about what the fans can expect.

    The truth is, all of the tags are never just about the future. There are tags that are eating shwarma, Captain America saying you know you gotta learn patience, sometimes, you know, you wait for something that’s not worth it. So they are always fun for us,” Feige said. “We don’t want everything to feel the same. So some of the tags will connect and some of them won’t. Some of the films and shows will connect; some of them won’t. I think it’s just as important that we can have standalone introductory stories like Ms. Marvel, like Moon Knight, in addition to things that interconnect and build towards the larger story. A lot of what we’ve been doing has been building to this larger story, obviously with The Kang Dynasty and the Multiverse Saga, and now I think people will, I hope, come along for the ride. Both where it’s you’re on the express train to the finale, also when it’s fun, as many of our Phase 1, 2 and 3 films were.”

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