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    Baby Gronk And Livvy Dunne “Rizz” TikTok Meme Explained

    A lot is happening on social media, with new terms being coined every day and popular memes shaping the horizon of the virtual world. And now, there’s a new internet celebrity on the bloc- Baby Gronk, whose sudden rise in popularity has left some netizens puzzled. Any social media trend starting overnight makes it difficult for people to get a hold of it. 

    Words like Baby Gronk and Rizz might leave new non-TikTok users confused and flabbergasted. But don’t worry we have got you covered about the latest meme that has become a hot topic overnight about the social media mogul Baby Gronk.

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    Baby Gronk And Livvy Dunne “Rizz” Meme Goes Viral TikTok

    Lizzy and Baby Gronk

    Livvy Dunn is a massive TikTok star and a gymnast at Louisiana State University. The story began when the 10-year-old Madden San Miguel meet the viral LSU gymnast Olivia Livvy Dunne and his parents posted the clip of their meeting on Youtube. Shortly a TikTok user named h00pify posted their meetup on his account, narrating over the clip by saying that Livvy had “rizzed” the youngster up and made him want to join LSU.

    Livvy Dunn is very popular with over 7 million followers on TikTok and LSU had to increase its security during competition season after her fans showed up to watch her perform. Her viral popularity possibly convinced the football prodigy-  Baby Gronk to choose LSU as his university of choice.

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    What Does The Term Rizz Mean?

    Baby Gronk Livvy Dunne and Drip King

    With Gen-z taking over social media, a ton of new and weird term has come up. Oh! How proud would Shakespeare be! So basically for all those who are unaware of the escape world called social media, Rizz simply is short for charismatic. It looks like TikTok is making a dictionary of its own- with the mystery of ‘chupagetti’ or finding yourself ‘ratioed’, ‘rizz’ is now added to TikTok’s vast new vocabulary.

    The term was introduced by YouTube and Twitch streamer Kai Cenat. As “rizz” means charismatic or someone who can flirt, it gets weird when TikTok implies a 10-year-old football wunderkind and a college student are “rizzing” one another. And it is kind of absurd to call Baby Gronk either the new Rizz Kin or Drip King. Drip King is a college lacrosse player and a social media personality who was previously linked with Livvy Dunne on many instances.

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