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    Cameron Diaz Says She Hasn’t Worked Out in 8 Months Due to An Injury, Reveals How She Feels About Her Body

    Cameron Diaz is one of the most gorgeous Hollywood actresses. She is also very particular about fitness. However, she revealed that she hasn’t been able to work out for eight months as she suffered an Achilles tendon injury last year. The actress also opened up about being the “oldest mom” in her group of girlfriends with kids.

    Cameron Diaz On Getting Back To Her Workout Routine After 8 Months

    Cameron Diaz is taking her time to get back into her workout routine after her Achilles tendon injury caused her to wait and heal for 8 months. She talked about the same on Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop newsletter. She said, “I’m still healing from an injured Achilles, so I’ve been away from working out for eight months. I used to be really strong and really active, and I was made to sort of be still for a while.”

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    The ‘Charlie’s Angels’ actress further talked about leaning into her strength always and how things change. She added, “And for anyone who’s been trying to come back from something like that — it doesn’t have to be an injury; it can happen after giving birth or any process in life that stops you in your tracks — going easy on yourself is the way through it. Being so strong most of my life, I was used to going hard and leaning into my strength, and I’ve had to do the opposite.”

    “I’m The Oldest Mom In My Group Of Girlfriends With Kids, And It’s Great “: Diaz

    Cameron Diaz has a two-year-old daughter, Raddix, with her husband Benji Madden. The actress, who will turn 50 on August 30, is focussing on “all aspects of growth“.

    On finding a balance between wanting to feel youthful, but prioritizing health, she shared, “I want to feel youthful, of course—we all look in the mirror every once in a while and go, ‘Oh, that looks different.’ And I’m not opposed to whatever interventions people want to do. But as women in our society, we spend so much time under pressure to be highly sexualized, thinking we need to be desired sexually at all times. I’m here to say I’m moving past that: I don’t care! I want to be strong and healthy, to have the stretch and resilience in my body to be able to do the things I want to do.

    Cameron Diaz
    Cameron Diaz

    She added, “It’s a tough society we live in. It comes with all kinds of benefits, but living in the public eye can be very damaging to your soul. No matter who you are, it’s important to take care of the whole person—not just the visual, not just what people think of you, but all of you.

    Diaz is confident about being an older mom. She revealed, “I’m the oldest mom in my group of girlfriends with kids, and it’s great. I’m lucky to be my age, lucky to have those girlfriends, lucky to have my daughter, lucky to have all the support I do raising her.”

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