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    “Completely Lost And Heartbroken”: NFL Reporter Doug Kyed Mourns The Death Of His Two-Year-Old Daughter

    In a heart-wrenching turn of events, the New England Patriots reporter, Doug Kyed is compelled to grapple with the profound loss of one of his own. His daughter took her last breath peacefully in the arms of her parents at the Boston’s Children Hospital.

    Doug took to Instagram to share the passing away of his daughter on Sunday. She had fought and finally succumbed to leukemia on January 21.

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    The Boston Couple Is Lost Due To Their Loss

    Doug Kyed with his wife Jen Crosby Kyed and two daughters, Olivia and Hallie
    Doug Kyed with his wife Jen Crosby Kyed and two daughters, Olivia and Hallie

    Hallie James Kyed was diagnosed with leukemia nine months earlier. Doug mentioned how nothing could have prepared his family for it and the challenging journey of medical treatments, hope, and resilience his daughter had taken. Hallie fought each day a grave battle that no two-year-old should ever even come close to. Kyed wrote how he spent every minute of the last week with her.

    He shared in his Instagram post, “We’re completely lost and heartbroken without Hallie. Our lives will never be the same. Hallie was a special kid, and she made a positive impact on so many people she met. We were lucky to be her parents, and Olivia was fortunate to have the best baby sister.”

    He also recalled “his koala bear or little Hallie bear” in her cute actions of calling him around to lift her up from the hospital floors. How she would give him little pats. Also, the doctors and nurses used to play the guessing game of which Disney Princess dress would Hallie be wearing that day or hour as a matter of fact.

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    In Memory Of Hallie

    Hallie James Kyed on her 2nd birthday
    Hallie James Kyed on her 2nd birthday

    Jen Crosby Kyed in her own Instagram post announced that the family would have a smaller private funeral separately. But anyone who wished to bid the little angel goodbye was invited to Oteri Funeral Home in Massachusetts on Jan 26th between 4 to 7 PM.

    She further wrote, “Wear whatever you’d like. Hallie loved pink and sparkles and wouldn’t care about black. In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to the Dana Farber Jimmy Fund. Donations will help accelerate critical research to help save kids like Hallie. Donations will be tripled through February 29.”

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