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    “Constantly Doing A Sh*T Job”: Fans Outrage After Warner Bros. Declares Movie Catalogue Sale For $500 Million Including Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy

    Warner Bros. has been in the spotlight for a long time as DCEU continues to release new projects. The latest projects of the DC franchise have failed to receive a positive response from critics and the box office and are not doing so well at the box office.

    However, the production studio’s latest move has been criticized by the public considering that they are already frustrated for offering underwhelming projects for some time. Let’s check what’s wrong.

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    Warner Bros. Sells Movie Catalogue For $500 Million

    Warner Bros. catalog also includes The Batman trilogy assets

    Warner Bros. has recently declared their movie catalogue for sale at $500 million and this includes ‘The Batman‘ trilogy by Christopher Nolan. The company was reportedly attempting to sell half of its music and TV catalog and it was an attempt to adapt to the new way of how the public has been enjoying the entertainment.

    The company has already removed some content from HBO Max and while they have been selling licenses to third parties, they have continued to overhaul, including the music assets this time.

    Warner Discovery CEO David Zaslav stated that the company has been negotiating to sell a few of the assets. According to an anonymous source, the company was purchasing less than half of the catalog. Music from different movies was also included and Sony is also in the line for sale.

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    How The Sale of Warner Bros. Movie Catalogue Can Help Hollywood

    Warner Bros.’ new deal is going to help them to pay off their debts

    Warner Bros. has been going through a tough phase after a few projects were canceled including ‘Batgirl.’ But the company has tried to keep its distance from the legal issues of Ezra Miller who plays the lead role in The Flash and the film continues to struggle at the box office.

    The company believes that a majority of its assets have become old and they are no longer of value. They have a debt worth $49.5 billion that must be paid and this deal can help to improve their financial conditions.

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