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    ‘Home Alone’ Reunion! Catherine O’Hara And Macaulay Culkin Reunite For Hollywood Walk Of Fame Honor

    Christmas is incomplete without the reruns of the fan-favorite holiday film ‘Home Alone’. It has been almost 33 years since the first film in the franchise came out. It was a breakthrough film for Catherine O’Hara, and it launched the career of then-child artist Macaulay Culkin.

    Now, after 30 years, the core cast of ‘Home Alone’, Catherine O’Hara and Macaulay Culkin, was reunited at the Hollywood Walk of Fame event. Culkin was getting his star inducted during the prestigious event. Macaulay came with his son, daughter, and Brenda Song. Both the actors gave moving speeches and shed some tears while sharing the iconic moment.

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    Catherine O’Hara Gushed About Macaulay Culkin As She Played ‘Fake Mother’ In ‘Home Alone’

    'Home Alone' stars Catherine O'Hara and Macaulay Culkin got teary eyed Image Courtesy: In Style
    ‘Home Alone’ stars Catherine O’Hara and Macaulay Culkin got teary eyed
    Image Courtesy: In Style

    One of the best franchises that is still revisited by many families, ‘Home Alone’, will be forever great due to the impeccable performance of Macaulay Culkin. And it is not only us, but the Emmy-winning artist, Catherine O’Hara, also believes it. Recently, the core cast of the film was present at Catherine’s and Macaulay’s Hollywood Walk of Fame star induction ceremony.

    During Macaulay Culkin’s ceremony, Catherine O’Hara gave a moving speech. She said, “‘Home Alone’ was, is, and always will be a beloved global sensation. The reason it’s that [and] the reason families all over the world can’t let a year go by without watching and loving Home Alone together is because of Macaulay Culkin.”

    The ‘Schitt’s Creek’ star praised Culkin’s performance and said that it was “the most natural thing in the world to do.” She called him the “dearest thing” and shooting the film felt like the cast and crew invaded Kevin McCallister’s home, and he went along with it.

    While including her speech, Catherine O’Hara said, “Thank you for including me, your fake mom who left you home alone not once but twice, to share in this happy occasion. I’m so proud of you.”

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    The Actor Thanked The Actresses For Making Him Look Like A Good Papa To His Kids

    Macaulay Culkin with Catherine O'Hara and Natasha LyonneImage Courtesy: People
    Macaulay Culkin with Catherine O’Hara and Natasha Lyonne
    Image Courtesy: People

    Macaulay Culkin dabbled in a variety of projects after his stint as a child actor in the ‘Home Alone’ franchise. He starred in films like ‘Party Monster’ and ‘Changeland’. He also starred in the television series ‘American Horror Story’.

    During the star induction ceremony, Macaulay Culkin was moved by the tribute from Catherine O’Hara and his ‘Party Monster’ co-star Natasha Lyonne.

    In his speech, Macaulay Culkin said, “Thanks for all your kind words and your stories and stuff. You know, you made my kids’ dad, their papa, look good. And the most important thing to me is also that their papa understands that he wasn’t always his papa; he used to be a kid too, you know?”

    In conclusion, the actor said, “To wrap things up, and in the spirit of the holiday season, I just wanna say Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals.”

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