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    Hugh Jackman’s Way Of Getting Angry To Play Wolverine Is Very Weird

    As the number of superhero movies is increasing and adding a lot of good and bad action to the lot, ‘The Wolverine‘ is one of the few mind-blowing classics one can’t forget. Though the plot of the film is far simpler than other movies, one cannot argue that it is a masterpiece and fans seem to embrace it with an open heart even if it has a bit of a flawed ending.

    Both Hugh Jackman’s acting skills and shredded body under the direction of James Mangold were a good dimension for the film. And although ‘The Wolverine‘ is tagged a superhero movie, anyone who has seen it can say that it touches more than one genre. So, how did Jackman channel his rage to play the character?

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    What Is Hugh Jackman’s Way Of Channeling His Rage?

    Hugh Jackman as The Wolverine
    Hugh Jackman as The Wolverine

    Wolverine is a character with immense rage and fury and it is not easy to instantly get those emotions on for the camera. Apart from physically preparing himself for the role with heavy workouts and diet plans, which Jackman himself told were made by Dwanye Johnson, he had to prepare mentally for the role.

    Hugh found a method in an early morning in Toronto and it is as simple as a freezing cold shower to rile up that fury. “My wife was asleep, it’s, like, five o’clock in the morning and there’s no hot water, so my hair was full of the hairspray from the day before and I had to take a shower,” he said in an interview. “(It was) freezing cold water and I was so pissed. A cold shower in the middle of a Toronto winter and I had to be under there for two minutes.”

    Jackman shared that halfway through the shower he had an epiphany that the rage he felt then was the kind of rage his role demanded from him. So every morning that he had to act, he always took a cold shower just to piss himself off.

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    Who Is Wolverine?

    Hugh Jackman's Wolverine

    “I’m Wolverine. I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn’t very nice.” Who can forget this iconic dialogue of the popular superhero? Wolverine is a Marvel comic book character also known as Logan (born Jimmy Howlett). Just like every other Marvel character, Logan was not just an ordinary human walking the surface of the earth. He was a mutant born with retractable forearm claws, potent healing abilities and enhanced physical parameters.

    Our hero has major anger issues and was born into a wealthy Canadian family in the 19th century, which he is forced to abandon when he gets his powers. He wanders around the world (mostly fighting and destroying things) with the name Logan. But our metal-clawed superhero also suffers from existential crisis when he gets the taste of blood and feels pain without instant healing. He then wonders about life, death and immortality.

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