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    Hunter Biden Calls Elon Musk The ‘World’s Dumbest Smart Person’, Gets Schooled By The X Owner

    Hunter Biden was scrutinized for stating the facts about Elon Musk. However, President Biden’s son is charged by the Justice Department after a long-running investigation with substantial political repercussions.

    Hunter is currently facing three charges, including one of evasion, tax assessment, failure to file and pay taxes, and filing a false or fraudulent tax return. Amidst all of this, the banter between him and Musk does not seem to end.

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    Hunter Biden Offends Elon Musk

    Hunter Biden
    Hunter Biden

    During the podcast interview with Moby, Hunter Biden called Elon Musk the dumbest smart person the world has ever known and very damaged. Biden also added that the Tesla owner “doesn’t give a goddamn about the First Amendment and is culpable in spreading misinformation about him.”

    Elon Musk immediately retaliated to the comment made by Hunter by saying “Exactly what misinformation is he talking about? The dude made so many videos of himself doing crime that he should get an award for cinematography!” Musk did not just stop there, he also mentioned Biden’s infamous laptop which consisted of content like Hunter doing drugs and discussing his foreign business dealings which was reported by The New York Times.

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    Hunter Biden Is Being Charged With Evading Taxes From Foreign Firms

    Hunter Biden
    Hunter Biden

    Hunter Biden made the headlines for the tax evasion charges and House Republicans are still not done with their investigations. However, there has been no concrete evidence tying President Joe Biden to Hunter Biden’s foreign dealings. But the former described their actions as a “soft abuse of power” as they would allegedly heavily imply access to Joe Biden, who was serving as vice president during most of these foreign deals.

    During the interview with Moby, Hunter stated, “They’re trying to kill me knowing that it will be a pain greater than my father could be able to handle”, attacking the House Republicans. Also, Biden is willing to testify in Congress, and will only do so if it is public. 

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