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    “I Can Joke About It now”: Glen Powell Reveals He Auditioned For Both Captain America And Han Solo But Blew Both Opportunities

    Glen Powell first revealed that he lost a good role in the Oscar-winning movie Oppenheimer which could have been his career-changing role. But the actor has now revealed that he also auditioned for both Captain America and Han Solo but was dropped from the opportunities.

    Even though his career is thriving after his movie Anyone But You’, he talked about how he lost some good roles in blockbuster movies.

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    “I Can Joke About It Now, [but] I Blew That Final Audition”: Glen Powell

    Glen Powell

    Glen Powell revealed that he lost a role in Han Solo in ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’, but was proud of his audition. The actor recently a part in top movies like Top Gun: Maverick and ‘Anyone But You’, and his career has been a success since.

    He mentioned that he was almost part of Han Solo the most beloved character and strongest force of Star Wars. Glen could have been part of the famous franchise but messed up the final auditions.

    While talking to GQ about the same, he revealed many things about his personal life one of them being this. He said, “I can joke about it now, [but] I blew that final audition.”

    Including this, the actor was also dropped from roles like ‘Captain America’, ‘Cowboys & Aliens’, and ‘The Longest Ride’.

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    Glen Powell Is On A Path To Stardom

    Glen Powell in 'Top Gun: Maverick
    Glen Powell in ‘Top Gun: Maverick

    Glen recently shared in an interview about leaving Hollywood and moving to Texas with his family. The actor didn’t confirm exactly when he is moving, but it seems serious. Even though the actor has a great running career, it seems he has had enough of it.

    For now, after appearing in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’‘Hit Man’, and ‘Anyone but You’, the actor is all set to take on a role in ‘Twisters‘, which is all set to hit the theatres on 19, July 2024.

    Moreover, Glen is also part of the lead role in ‘The Running Man‘ and will also be returning for a sequel of ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. Even though the actor missed some major parts of his career, he still has a lot of opportunities waiting for him.

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