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    “I Could Be A Supermodel Going Around Town”: Khloé Kardashian Says She Wants To Swap Lives With Her Sister Kendall Jenner

    All the Kardashian-Jenner sisters have children or are either married and are still working in their respective fields of makeup, wellness, or modeling. But there’s always an anomaly and that is Kendall Jenner – the hot single, model, cool aunt, and Khloé Kardashian is jealous of her lifestyle.

    Khloé during an interview advised her sister, Kendall, that she should be living her life but she also wants to swap her life with her.

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    Khloé Kardashian Is Jealous Of Kendall Jenner’s Lifestyle

    Kendall and Khloé

    During an episode of ‘The Kardashians’ Khloé Kardashian revealed that she would like to swap her life with her sister Kendall Jenner. Khloé was asked with which sister, she would like to trade places like ‘Freaky Friday‘. To which she replied, “I would have to say Kendall Jenner because why the f**k not?” I mean who would not like to live like Kendall Jenner?

    She continued, “I could be a supermodel going around town. I could hook up with this person — not that Kendall does that — but I would be doing that, hooking up with every f**king person, drunk as a skunk. No kids, no f**king responsibilities — she has responsibilities, but you know what I mean.”

    It’s Khloé’s dream to not get up for a carpool or make lunch for her kids and have a life like Kendall Jenner. She added, “I am a supermodel with my Doberman and a f**king tequila bottle for breakfast,” she muses. “I would do it every day. Leave that man wherever I just f**ked him last.

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    Khloé Has A Piece Of Advice For Kendall Jenner

    Kardashian and Jenner Sisters

    Despite wanting her lifestyle, Khloé Kardashian also wants to give Kendall Jenner a piece of advice. She doesn’t want her to follow all the bad practices. She said, “She definitely doesn’t do any of those things. That’s why she’s wasting her life,” Khloé declares before directly addressing her sister. “You’re wasting it, Kendall. Let me be you for a second.”

    Kendall has always kept her private life a secret as most of her sister’s life is on camera recorded. Kendall thinks she’s boring on camera. Kendall said laughing, “I watch the show back and I talk about the same thing over and over again, “But I’m not boring. Ask anyone of my best friends. I am a good time, OK?”

    While Khloé thinks Kendall is wasting her youth by not working for her personal life, Kendall got back with her ex Bad Bunny.

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