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    “I Will Endeavor To Be More Thoughtful In The Future”: Elon Musk Admits Being Too Extreme With His Ted Soros Comments

    Elon Musk stands as one of the most outspoken critics of the socio-political environment. He recently talked about speaking freely and fearlessly, no matter how much it hurts his ventures. But it seems he’s had some time to think about his recent statement and reconsider his position on free speech.

    After Jonathan Greenblatt’s CNN interview, Musk expressed regret over the harm his anti-Soros tirade has done. While Greenbelt doesn’t believe Musk to be an anti-Semite, he did hold him accountable for being an influential figure with a massive platform. Musk promised to be “thoughtful” in the future.

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    Elon Musk Expresses Regret Over Soros Comments

    The Tesla CEO may have bitten off more than he can chew with his comments about Ted Soros.

    Jonathan Greenblatt, the National Director and CEO of the Anti-Defamation League has no malice against Elon Musk. However, he expressed his disappointment during a CNN interview, saying that Musk didn’t think twice about making such a mocking statement that has left and right-wing divided. He said, “Elon Musk is not antisemitic. But he’s arguably the most influential person on the planet controlling what’s essentially our public square. When he repeats conspiracy theories, that feeds the extremists.”

    Realizing the nerve he has struck, Elon Musk responded, “In fairness, I must concede that Joel has a good point. And I will endeavor to be more thoughtful in the future. Comic book analogies are obviously imperfect, to say the least. Just because George Soros can bend metal using his mind doesn’t mean he’s Magneto!!”

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    Elon Musk Addresses His Concerns About Ted Soros

    The Tesla CEO has had a contentious relationship with Ted Soros

    Elon Musk got in trouble after comparing Ted Soros to Magneto, claiming he “hates humanity.” While he admits to his guilt in fanning the flames, he also clarified his issues and differences of opinion with Ted Soros. The 51-year-old billionaire CEO explained he doesn’t see eye to eye with Soros over issues like crime and immigration.

    The Tesla CEO has been critical of Soros for financially backing politicians and officials who are “soft on violent crimes.” Speaking on immigration, Musk called for a screening process that ensures the element of crimes stays out of society. He may have apologized, but it’s hard to say if he feels guilty or is just saving face.

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