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    “I Would Go In A Heartbeat”: ‘Narnia’ Star William Moseley On His Potential Return In The Film’s Netflix Reboot

    ‘The Chronicles Of Narnia’ is getting a reboot with a completely different storyline, and fans cannot be more excited. As per the reports, the upcoming film would not be in connection with the previous films in the franchise. Though the film would have an entirely different storyline, many are wondering if the cast of the original film would return.

    While there are no official confirmations about the cast yet, one of the original stars of the movie has shared the possibilities of his potential return. William Moseley who played the role of the oldest of Pevensie children, has shared his desire to return to the reboot. But he feels he won’t get a callback from the makers.

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    William Moseley Shares His Desire To Return To ‘The Chronicles Of Narnia’ Reboot

    The Chronicles Of Narnia

    In a recent interview with Screen Rant, William Moseley opened up about his desire to return to the Narnia franchise in the film’s upcoming reboot. The movie is returning on Netflix with ‘Barbie’s Greta Gerwig taking on the directorial role of the fantasy world.

    William Moseley, who is currently promoting his latest film ‘Murder Company’, has played the role of the oldest among the Pevensie children in the original Narnia film. Speaking about the possibilities of his return in the future Narnia films, Moseley said he would be more than happy to reprise his role.

    Yes,’ is the short answer. If I was asked, I would go in a heartbeat,” he said. “But I have to remind you of one line from the books and the movies. I think Aslan says it,” the actor added.

    ‘The Chronicles Of Narnia‘ reboot will revolve around a series of seven high fantasy children’s novels by CS Lewis, that follows the adventure of children who get lost in a fantasy world and get transported to the magical realm of Narnia. There so far have been three movies in the franchise and Moseley played the role of Peter Pevensie in all of them.

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    William Moseley Was Sad During His Last Shoot For The Movie

    William Moseley

    During the recent interview, William Moseley also talked about his last day on the sets of the third Narnia film. “Your time here now is done. Your time is finished.’ I remember when I shot that scene in Prince Caspian, it was a sad scene to shoot, but I understood then when Aslan said that to those characters, that when that script is written for me, my time is done,” he said

    “And that’s the way it is. If I might ever get asked that, great, but I don’t think it’s there,” he added.

    Greta Gerwig has been working on the movie since as early as 2022, having shared the first draft she wrote in February 2024. Though it’s still unknown which book the filmmaker will adopt, she did share that she’s “interested in embracing the paradox of the worlds that Lewis created, because that’s what’s so compelling about them“. The production for Gerwig’s Narnia movies shall begin in August this year and will last till March of 2025.

    All the parts of the Narnia trilogy are available on Disney+ Hotstar.

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