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    Is Tucker Carlson Running For President Of The United States?

    The United States Presidential elections for 2024 are becoming quite a hot topic now. Allegations and rumors are happening like crazy and people have no idea what is going on. Amidst all that, a new question has risen and that is whether Tucker Carlson will be running for President or not.

    Carlson is a popular political figure with a successful career in media and television. Let’s find out what his next career move would be.

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    Tucker Carlson Might Be A Threat To Former President Donald Trump

    Tucker Carlson
    Tucker Carlson

    Tucker Carlson was recently been fired from Fox News where he was one of the most powerful and top news presenters on the network. This news came as a shock to many. However, this might be in wake of the Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation lawsuit against Fox. 

    Although Carlson has not made any statements in the past or in recent times about wishing to be President, Rick Wilson feels otherwise. “What if he runs? He’s rich enough. He’d instantly have an online fundraising juggernaut second only to Trump, and perhaps surpassing him,” wrote Wilson. He also called Tucker the “only Republican who presents a material danger to Donald Trump in a primary.” 

    Wilson then added, “Celebrity, money, mental acuity, cynicism, pro-Putin isolationism, and an overt love of authoritarianism are a pretty strong secret sauce for the MAGA base.”

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    Are Donald Trump And Carlson Friends?

    Donald Trump
    Donald Trump

    Tucker Carlson is friends with the former USA President also. They two have communicated via text messages often. Carlson is at the moment the most loved Republican out there. This is because he not only has the money, power and fame to run for the elections, but on several occasions, Tucker has criticized Trump openly and bluntly. 

    So questions are also arising about whether Carlson will go against the friendship and run for the elections or not. However, he has not given any statements yet regarding this. 

    Carlson has a big fan base as well. And he talks about Republican ideals quite freely and without any hesitation and has fired at various politicians, spokespersons and law authorities. What would the future of American authority be like? And who would sit on the throne? Well, only time can tell us.

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