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    Joey King Reveals How She Relates To Her “Sociopath” Character In Brad Pitt-Starrer ‘Bullet Train’

    Joey King is known for her teenager clumsy-relatable character, Elle Evans, from ‘Kissing Booth.‘ Other than that, the 23-year-old actress has been a part of many other projects. She played one of the Perron daughters in ‘Conjuring,‘ young Marion Cotillard in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, and a china doll in ‘Oz the Great and Powerful.’

    After all the successful movies, Joey King still feels that she has not accomplished her true capabilities yet. The actress feels that she is undermined because of how she looks and her sweet personality. Joey believes that her new role in the movie, ‘Bullet Train‘ will change a lot of these perspectives.

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    Joey King Auditioned For ‘Bullet Train’ Not Sure If She Would Get The Role

    Joey King relates to her 'sociopath' character, Prince in 'Bullet Train'
    Joey King as Prince in ‘Bullet Train’

    In the new action-comedy, Joey King is one of the assassins aboard the high-speed train. The movie stars Brad Pitt, along with Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Brian Tyree Henry and Sandra Bullock, who has a cameo role. The plot of the movie intrigued Joey, and she was sure she wanted the role.

    Speaking with The Independentthe actress shared, “I remember auditioning, and I thought to myself: ‘Oh that’s nice, I’ll never get this part but, y’know, I’ll give it my best. But I also really wanted this. I had that feeling in my stomach like, ‘I have to have this.’”

    Why Joey King Connects With Her ‘Sociopath’ Character

    Brad Pitt called Joey King's 'Bullet Train' character Villain
    Brad Pitt called Joey King’s ‘Bullet Train’ character  a villain

    The character that Joey plays, named Prince, can be best described as ‘one of the most unnerving of the bullet train’s assassins – she’s creepy, cut-throat and nearly pantomimically evil. Her ruthlessness – hidden just under the surface – is an intentional subversion of her assumed damsel-in-distress status.’ Joey said that’s where she felt connected with her killer character. “That’s my one connection to Prince. She’s really underestimated because of her appearance alone, and I think that’s the thing that I, personally, feel. Otherwise, she’s just a sociopath and a b***h.”

    King also shared some of Brad Pitt’s fun suggestions and commentaries from the shoot. Talking about the characters of Prince and Ladybug (played by Brad Pitt), King shared, “Brad always says the most fun roles you can play are the chump or the villain. He says he’s the chump, and I’m the villain.” King also said that Pitt embodies true leadership and is a very kind man, both on and off the set.

    Bullet Train‘ released in theatres on Friday, August 5.

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