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    “Kim Kardashian Will Not Be Tom Brady’s Peacock”: Bethenny Frankel Decodes Why The Duo Won’t End Up Together

    Ever since Kim Kardashian’s divorce from Kanye West was finalized in 2022, there have been no reports coming out on her name being linked to someone else. While netizens are speculating a lot of things, Bethenny Frankel has shared her reaction to the same.

    The rumors of Tom Brady being in a relationship have been trending online for a long time. The names of various actresses have come up in these rumors and this also includes Kim Kardashian.

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    Bethenny Frankel Speaks On A Relationship Between Kim Kardashian And Tom Brady

    Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady
    Bethenny Frankel addressed the differences between Kim and Tom Brady’s ex-wife

    Bethenny Frankel shared a TikTok video on Monday where she confirmed that there is no chance that Kim Kardashian and Bethenny Frankel would ever be together. Frankel stated that the rumors have continued since one of them is a popular football star and the other is a television personality.

    Frankel addressed Brady’s former partner Gisele Bundchen, saying that she was of high maintenance compared to Kim Kardashian. She stated: “[Bundchen is] a Brazillian gorgeous supermodel, but she really did lean in to his life, lean in to being a mom [and] moving to Massachusetts. She was a football player’s wife.”

    Frankel said that there can be one peacock in any relationship, adding that Kardashian won’t be Brady’s peacock and that it is impossible.

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    Are Kim Kardashian And Tom Brady Dating?

    Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady
    The rumors of Kim and Tom Brady’s relationship have been going on since May 2023

    In May 2023, an insider stated that Kim Kardashian was searching for a vacation house in Tom Brady’s Bahamian neighborhood. This led to rumors that the duo might be in a relationship.

    While a source stated that they are best friends, fans were frustrated with the same and they expressed it on social media. Brady was then seen at Michael Rubin’s Fourth of July bash where he had a brief conversation with Kardashian.

    Kim and Tom Brady are yet to respond to the rumors but the former is already speaking about a special someone in her life while she appeared on ‘The Kardashians.’

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