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    Leonardo DiCaprio Wants To Date Gigi Hadid After Split From Camille Murrone?

    Leonardo DiCaprio, the 47-year-old actor has a notorious thing for dating actresses or models below 25 years of age. His latest ex-girlfriend is Camila Morrone. They dated for four years and DiCaprio broke up with her just when she turned 25. His record for not dating women over 25 has given way to many memes and trolling on social media.

    Not wasting any time, the ‘Titanic‘ star, is rumored to have set his eyes on the supermodel, Gigi Hadid. The founder of the clothing line, Guest In Residence, was previously in a relationship with the singer Zayn Malik. They both have a child together. In 2021, they broke up and since then, there have been no rumors of Gigi dating anyone until now. Know whether DiCaprio has made his move on Gigi already.

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    Leonardo DiCaprio Has Set His Eyes On Gigi Hadid?

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Gigi Hadid

    A source has revealed to US Weekly that Leo has certainly set his sights on Gigi Hadid. The source says, “Leo certainly has his sights set on Gigi, but she hasn’t shown any interest.” Gigi and Leo are good friends with each other, however, she does not want to be romantically involved with him right now. Although Leo has set his “views” on her, the supermodel has no views set on him.

    Hadid was formerly in a relationship with Zayn Malik, a former One Direction member. They both have a daughter named Khai. It was reported that they had a fluctuating relationship and it wasn’t working anymore for them. They split with each other in 2021 and are allegedly co-parenting their child. Many speculate that Gigi might still not be completely over Zayn and that is why she restricted herself to be involved romantically with anyone else.

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    What Happened Between Leo And His Former Girlfriend?

    Camila Morrone and Leonardo Dicaprio
    Camila Morrone and Leonardo Dicaprio

    The Wolf of Wall Street‘ actor’s interest in Gigi comes just after his break up with the American model Camille Morrone, just after she turned 25. A source explained that Leo and Camille were just not having fun anymore. “The honeymoon phase was over and things went away,” said the source.

    Never once has DiCaprio or Morrone commented on their relationship publicly. Whatever news that has been spreading were alleged rumors from an insider. The Academy Award winner has been spending time with his friends Tobey McGuire and Jamie Foxx lately, after his split from Camille.

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