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    How Long Did Leonardo DiCaprio Date Blake Lively? Why Did They Break Up?

    Leonardo DiCaprio, the Academy Award winner for the film ‘Revenant’ is regarded as the ladies’ man. He has dated several models and actresses throughout his life. He also remained very closed up and detested his private life getting into public life. Although, he has expressed about his not-so-firm desire for marriage openly.

    Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are now considered the power couple of Hollywood. It is difficult to imagine them with anyone but each other. However, the actress dated many celebrities in her early 20s, and the list included the ever-so-charming actor, Leonardo DiCaprio. The pair had a 13-year age difference. Read on to know more about Blake and Leo’s dating history.

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    Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively’s Relationship

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively

    Blake and Leo started dating in 2011. They were 23 and 36 respectively. Their romance sparked after Blake’s audition for the role of Daisy Buchanan in ‘The Great Gatsby’. Eventually, Blake did not get the role and it was given to Carey Mulligan. Joshua Safron told Vanity Fair that Blake would often send him pictures of her doll to express her feelings.

    The pair was spotted for the first time on director Steven Spielberg‘s yacht. Pictures of the two embracing each other went viral online. Later, the two were seen in Venice, Italy and their date at Disneyland also gained attention. Blake Lively was a student when she was dating Leo. She studied in France. Leo had never dated a girl who knows how to cook, when Blake baked and cooked for him, he was smitten.

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    Why Did They Break Up?

    Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio

    The pair seemed to have had a great time together. They were also seen eco-biking in New York City. After a few months of dating, it was thrown out to the world by some sources that the pair had ended their relationship. The source noted that Leo wanted to have a more mature bond rather than just enjoying together.

    It was just a few years earlier when Leo announced that he was willing to marry. Blake on the other hand was not ready to settle in. “He’s looking for someone to eventually start a family with…That’s not where she’s at. She’s only 24!” the source said. “He’s more mature. They’re not in the same place right now.” This kind of puts the relationship to rest. However, Blake married Ryan Reynolds the year after she broke up with DiCaprio. Leo is still an eligible bachelor even at his age of 47.

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