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    Marvel Studios Issues A DMCA Subpoena To Discover The Identity Of Social Media Account That Posted Leaks About ‘Captain America: Brave New World’

    After leaks from Captain America: Brave New World have ensued, Marvel is now taking serious action against social media accounts that posted inside snippets from the upcoming film.

    Matthew Slatoff is now taking action after Sebastian Stan’s pictures from the set of the project were shared by hundreds online, causing havoc at the studios. Here’s everything you need to know.

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    Still from Captain America: Brave New World
    Still from Captain America: Brave New World

    Captain America 4 is currently in production and fans got to see early images of the project as pictures were leaked of it online. A number of fresh set images have surfaced, offering first glimpses at unidentified characters and possibly even hinting at the plot of the sequel. Though the practice of scoopers releasing set photos from motion pictures is not new, Marvel is taking action against social media accounts that have shared the leaks.

    Matthew Slatoff, the vice president of global security and content protection at Marvel, is suing accounts over the unapproved photos. Marvel asked the person behind the leak account to identify themselves by filling a DMCA subpoena.

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    What Has Been Leaked From Captain America 4?

    Still from Captain America: Brave New World
    Still from Captain America: Brave New World

    Characters from the upcoming ‘Captain America’ movie were unveiled earlier this month when McDonald’s included toys from the movie in its Happy Meals. Red Hulk, Diamondback, Captain America, Ruth, and a new Falcon are the five characters that can be found in the meals.

    Moreover, the leaks showed fans that Sebastian Stan will be a part of the film, something that brought in surprise for fans. More specifically, Stan’s outfit, wearing a dapper suit sent fans into a bigger spiral as they started speculating what his character might be up to.

    CanWeGetSomeToast, the account in question, has a track record for revealing information about upcoming Marvel films before of time, including news about casting and the release of leaked stills and video.

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