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    Maye Musk Says Elon Musk Is Her Pride In Mother’s Day Special Message

    Elon Musk walked the Met Gala red carpet with his mother Maye. Maye Musk was dressed in a crimson velvet Dior gown with Chopard jewels. She and her son have both been to the gala multiple times. Maye and Elon attended in 2016, with the theme “Manus x Machina.” When asked to describe her kid, Maye replied that he could discuss from the minute he could speak.

    Musk wore a white tuxedo jacket with white lettering on the back that said ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum,’ which means ‘new world order,’ to make his relationship with singer Grimes ‘Red Carpet Official’ in 2018.

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    Maye Musk Shares Her Perfect Way To Celebrate Mother’s Day With Elon Musk

    Maye Musk completed her ensemble with a burgundy velvet ankle-length gown, dazzling strapped shoes, long pearls, and a regal gold handbag. On the Vogue Met Gala 2022 Livestream, Elon made his red carpet debut only one week after buying Twitter for $44 billion. He discussed his plans for the microblogging site.

    During the red carpet walk, when Maye Musk was asked about what is the proudest of Elon by one of the paparazzi. Maye Musk replies by sharing that he keeps surprising her. Elon’s mother further shares that she asks him to not take anything more. But Elon does and this surprises her. She proudly shares that Elon has ideas that nobody in this world can ever have. When asked if Maye knows what her Mother’s Day gift will be from Elon. She says that the best gifts are hugs. She further adds that she gives hugs to her grandchildren and children. Maye Musk thinks that a hug can be a mood changer and hence the best gift ever!

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    Musk Declares His Reason To Buy Twitter At Met Gala With His Mother!

    Elon Musk Takes His Model Mom Maye to 2022 Met Gala Days After $44 Billion Twitter Deal
    Elon Musk Takes His Model Mom Maye to 2022 Met Gala Days After $44 Billion Twitter Deal

    La La Anthony, who interviews guests as they arrive on the red carpet, inquired about Musk’s plans for Twitter. Musk said that he wants to encourage free speech. He went on to say that free expression is the bedrock of a healthy democracy. And Twitter is the digital town square where important problems impacting humanity’s future are debated.

    He further added that he hopes people find this (aka Twitter) social media platform intriguing, entertaining, and amusing and that it helps them improve their lives.

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