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    Miles Teller Shares That His Wife Cried On The Set Of Taylor Swift’s Music Video For A Very Emotional Reason

    They say you can’t touch music but music surely can touch you. Well, there’s no doubt that this is true. The lyrics and rhythm of music leave quite a large impact on the minds of people. When words seem too difficult to express, music just makes it easier. Well, something related happened to Miles Teller’s wife Keleigh.

    Miles Teller recalls a really adorable moment from the set of a music video of Taylor Swift. His wife Keleigh was sobbing in a behind-the-scenes moment from shooting Taylor Swift’s music video ‘All too well’. However, Miles recently opened up about the whole crying thing.

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    Taylor’s Verses Just Couldn’t Let Keleigh Control Her Tears

    Taylor Swift and Keleigh
    Taylor Swift and Keleigh

    ‘The Top Gun: Maverick’ star exclusively told E! News that his wife Keleigh Sperry became all teary-eyed while watching him and Taylor film the music video for her 2021 single ‘I Bet You Think About Me’.

    When we were shooting the music video, Taylor played for Keleigh the ‘All Too Well (10 Minute Version)’ for the first time,” he said at the eBay Vault Stars event in Los Angeles on July 15. “Keleigh was just looking at Taylor in her wedding dress and Taylor and I dancing while she was listening to ‘All Too Well,’ the new one, and she was just bawling her eyes out.”

    While the actor explained that ‘I Bet You Think About Me’ will always be the Taylor song that has a special place in his heart, he noted that Keleigh plays the singer’s discography “all the time,” adding, “In my house, it’s a lot of Taylor.”

    Talking about the kind of music that tempts him to break out his now iconic Top Gun dance moves? “I feel like Bob Seger can get me on the floor as much as Michael Jackson,” he said. “There’s plenty of videos of me dancing to both of those guys.”

    Miles Teller Sizzles In His Beach Football Scene

    Miles Teller
    Miles Teller

    The actor also expressed his thoughts on his shirtless, shoulder shimmy during the film’s beach football scene that’s currently going viral on social media.

    “I thought it was cool because that’s a dance move that me and my buddies have done. And, basically, what it’s saying is don’t take yourself too seriously,” Miles said. “I love that—in all of the machismo and everything that’s going on in that scene—the moment that popped was just a bit of goofiness. Of just having fun.”

    However, Miles almost didn’t sign on to star in what has become the highest-grossing film of the year thus far. “actually was fairly uncertain whether I wanted to do it,” he revealed. “I look back at that now and I think that’s very foolish, but at the time that is where I was at. I just didn’t know if I wanted to be a part of this thing I knew was going to be massive because it changes your life.

    It was Tom Cruise that inspired Miles to ride into the danger zone and join the cast. “I really just bet on Tom, because the first script that I got was really not in the best shape,” he commented. “I feel really lucky that he wanted to share that world with me.”

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