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    “My Family’s Ruined, It’s So Funny, Everyone’s Laughing”: Jason Kelce Admits He Doesn’t Get Tom Brady Roast

    Tom Brady’s roast is Netflix’s trendiest new show as everyone is talking about the offensive yet brilliant jokes made against the NFL star. While many including Travis Kelce have hyped up the show, Jason Kelce seems to be one of the few who doesn’t support the nasty roasts against Brady.

    Talking about how he “doesn’t get” the Tom Brady roast, senior Kelce opened up about how unfunny he finds it and why. Here’s everything Jason Kelce said about his feelings on the Tom Brady roast.

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    Why Is Jason Kelce Against The Tom Brady Roast?

    Jason Kelce and Tom Brady
    Jason Kelce and Tom Brady

    The world might be laughing out loud at Tom Brady getting destroyed in his Netflix show, but Jason Kelce isn’t really enjoying it. The former Philadelphia Eagles star opened up on how he really feels about the dark humor against Brady, admitting that though funny, he doesn’t get why people would laugh at it.

    “I mean, it was pure entertainment. And I’m really happy they did it. But I do not want… I don’t… I just do not get the roasts. I don’t understand why people do. I really don’t f**king get it.”

    He then added, “I don’t get why people do roasts. I don’t get why this thing, ‘My family is ruined. It’s so funny. Everyone’s laughing It’s great. Yeah, we’re having fun, right?’”

    His brother Travis Kelce though, has a completely different take on it, and admitted that he laughed himself to tears over the show. “That was unbelievable, first off” he said, “Everybody involved, hats off. I’d been in tears the whole like…last day. Just watching the clips and everything.”

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    What Is All The Hype Around The Tom Brady Roast?

    Tom Brady
    Tom Brady

    Tom Brady star got brutally roasted during the Netflix special live show, ‘The Roast of Tom Brady‘ that had several celebrities coming together to roast Brady. Some of the noteworthy names among the guests were Kim Kardashian, Kevin Hart and Ben Affleck among others, all of whom roasted the football player with jokes over his professional and personal life.

    The show has become immensely popular with the audience as clips of it have now gone viral on social media. Though popular, the show has also attracted criticism from many who pointed out that Brady sometimes looked uncomfortable with the jokes and some of them are actually insensitive.

    Some have even called out the show for not being funny, while others appreciated it’s dark humour and jabs at Brady’s life. The show is available to stream on Netflix.

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