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    “I Can’t Believe”- Fans React To Nova Richard Rider’s Official Arrival To MCU With Moon Knight Writer Sabir Pirzada

    It’s official! Fans are super excited because MCU’S upcoming NOVA project is in development.

    Richard Rider aka Nova is going to make his way to the MCU not too long from now. This comes as a piece of great news for fans after MCU cut him in Avengers: Infinity War. We will break down everything you need to know about Nova coming to Marvel Studios.

    Nova Officially In The MCU

    Nova Officially In The MCU
    Nova Officially In The MCU

    Kevin Feige, Marvel studios’ president, had confirmed that a Nova project was coming a long time ago. He kind of kept reconfirming this news over the years, so fans already knew it was coming but did not know when?

    However, as per sources, things are getting interesting especially, since this project already has a writer for it. They are actually getting writer Sabir Pirzada. He is the writer of MCU’s recent project, Moon Knight. As per sources, this can prove to be fantastic for the project because Moon Knight is doing great and soon will be one of the favorite Marvel’s Disney+ shows. The show has got a very different tone of storytelling as compared to traditional Marvel projects.

    Reportedly, they have not decided whether the project will be a Disney+ show or a full feature movie. As per fans, this can go great either way as there are benefits to both doing a disney+ show and doing a movie. With movies, they can get a big budget and with a show, a lot of stories can be produced about the character in front of the audience. The project will be produced by Kevin Feige, as per sources.

    The Origin Of New Character In MCU

    Nova To Enter MCU Officially As Richer Rider Coming Soon With Moon Knight Writer Sabir Pirzada
    Nova To Enter MCU Officially As Richer Rider Coming Soon With Moon Knight Writer Sabir Pirzada

    There are two parts to the Nova story, that can be the possible origin of the character in the MCU. The first part was about the Avengers: Infinity War when the Guardians of the Galaxy picked up Thor after Thanos decimated his ship. Thor told the Guardians of the Galaxy about decimating Xandar and acquiring the power stone. The turns out to be the start of Nova as we were introduced to the new corps in the Guardians of the Galaxy.

    The origin of Richard Rider’s Nova in the comics was when the last surviving member of the Nova corp Rhomann Dey, who we saw in Guardians of the Galaxy, at the time of his death selects somebody to give his powers to. He chooses a high school student in New York, Richard Rider, and gives him all the powers of Nova centurion. However, he gave little instruction on how to use them.

    Coming back to Infinity War, Thanos decimated Xandar and the Nova corp. During that time, there might be the final survivor who is about to die, it may be Rhomann Dey or somebody else. However, as per fans, before the last person in the Nova corp dies, he transfers the power to Richard Rider. And this is how Richard Rider’s Nova will begin the journey in the MCU.

    As per sources, the first appearance of Nova was in 1966, issue of super adventures.

    Fans React To The News On Social Media

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