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    Oxygen Doubling In Atmosphere: A Blessing Or A Curse?

    Oxygen is the most abundant element found on Earth’s surface after Hydrogen and Helium, and the third most abundant element in the entire universe. Its denoted with the symbol O. Being a very highly reactive non-metal as well as a strong oxidizing agent, it readily oxides with other elements as well as compounds.

    It comprises around 21% of the air in the Earth’s atmosphere. It may sound less for billion inhabitants residing on Earth as it is the most important element for all living beings. Used in the respiration process without which life ends, we may feel its percentage is less. But luckily it’s perfect as too much of anything can be dangerous as well. Our planet Earth is a perfect place for the existence of living beings. So, what will happen if oxygen levels doubled?

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    Effects On Animals If Oxygen Levels Doubled

    Oxygen doubling would speed up Athlets
    Oxygen doubling would speed up athletes

    All the small animals that we barely notice our entire life will grow to larger sizes if the oxygen level is doubled in the atmosphere. These animals breathe through tiny tubes called the trachea, if more oxygen enters their bodies, they will expand and grow in size.

    If the oxygen level gets doubled the lungs will take more oxygen and stamina will increase tremendously. Oxygen flowing through blood veins would fuel muscles with energy and better blood circulation will give greater agility and concentration. The speed of athletes would increase drastically breaking all previous records.

    An increase in oxygen would also speed up metabolism which would cause over-exertion and have fatal consequences for the body. Thus deaths from exertion will become more common than death from diseases.

    How Would Plants Respond To Oxygen Doubling?

    Massive Forest Fire
    Massive forest fire

    In the process of oxygen doubling, the rate of processes like respiration and combustion would increase. This would lead to massive and devastating forest fires. Wet vegetation would not even be able to stop it. Anything and everything would burn very easily. Green vegetation would disappear and would be replaced by mosses and mushrooms.

    Effect On Mountain Ranges 

    Eye soothing mountain ranges
    Serene mountain ranges

    If oxygen is doubled, breathing problems at high altitudes would be solved. People can easily capture the highest of mountain peaks and can even plan about staying there. Thus, soon ice cover peaks would turn into habitats with plants and animals.

    Changes In Earth’s Atmosphere And Machines 


    O2 increase will lead to a decrease in air density in the atmosphere which will help airplanes, gliders, and birds to fly higher in the sky for a longer time. More oxygen would lead to better and more efficient industries and automobiles as oxygen in fuel will improve engine performance by reducing nitrogen.

    What Would Happen If Oxygen Ceased To Be Part Of Earth’s Atmosphere?

    Earth without Oxygen
    Earth without Oxygen

    Oxygen is not only useful for the respiration process but also for maintaining heat on our planet. Although it’s not a heat-capturing greenhouse gas, it still controls the amount of heat reaching the Earth’s surface.

    In its absence, all life forms would burn to ashes due to the heat of the unshielded UV rays from the sun. Due to changes in atmospheric pressure, our inner ear would explode. All metals would weld together due to the absence of their layers as well concrete substances would lose their rigidity and collapse due to a lack of CO2  molecules. Everything containing it would evaporate into space as hydrogen and all above Earth’s crust would fall towards earth’s core as 45% of the core is O2.

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