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    Princess Diana Wouldn’t Have Been A Fan Of Meghan Markle, Claims Royal Biographer. Here’s Why

    Amidst the recent discussions surrounding the British Royal Family, one has been that of late Princess Diana and the Duchess Meghan Markle. It is quite saddening to remember Diana’s fate, her royal life, and her most unfortunate tragic death. Just like Meghan, Diana too couldn’t fit in the royal family, and faced rejections from the royal members, the biggest being her own husband, Prince Charles.

    Royal biographer, Tina Brown, has offered some speculations about what Princess Diana would have made of his son Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan. Brown says that there could have been a drama between the mother-and-daughter-in-law duo.

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    Princess Diana Wouldn’t Have Wanted Prince Harry To Be Steered Away From Her

    Princess Diana would have been unhappy about Meghan Markle breaking Prince Harry's ties with his family
    Princess Diana, Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry

    In her recent interview with Daily Beast, Tina Brown gave plenty of scenarios and possibilities that could have occurred between Princess Diana and Meghan-Prince Harry after their decision to step down as the senior members of the royal family. Talking about Diana’s relationship with her two sons, Brown said, “Diana was very protective of her boys. She would have been very, very protective of Harry and I believe very anxious about this direction they’ve taken. I think she would have felt Meghan was steering Harry in a direction that was not good for Harry.” She also added, “I don’t think Diana would have been the great fan of Meghan that Meghan herself might perhaps imagine.” The main reason why Diana and Markle wouldn’t have been on the same terms would be because “Diana would not have been pleased how Harry had been cut off from the family.”

    However, talking about Diana’s views on Meghan as Harry’s partner, Brown gave some positive remarks. She believes that the late princess would have been “thrilled”. Part of the reason for her support would have also been because someone like Meghan, who is biracial, would have entered the royal family. “She would have been delighted, supportive and thrilled someone of mixed race was joining the royal family because Diana was so inclusive,” Brown noted.

    The Relationship Between Prince Harry And Prince William

    Princess Diana would have been constrained about the relationship between her two sons
    Prince William and Prince Harry

    The contempt between the two royal siblings, Prince Harry and Prince William, has been on for years now, and Brown commented on that too. She said that Diana would have been “very unhappy” seeing her two sons so estranged from each other.

    She never questioned that William would be king. It was her most ardent desire he would become king. She was never anti-monarchy in that regard. She had differences with the royal family—her biggest difference was that her husband wasn’t in love with her, he was in love with someone else. But she never thought for one minute that William would not be the future king, and that Harry would always be there to support him. She would not be happy with how things are,” Brown said.

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