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    ‘Snowpiercer Is Real’: Twitter Debates Whether Saudi Arabia’s Mirrored City Is Inspiring Or Terrifying

    Saudi Arabia’s crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), announced a very futuristic, seemingly impossible, project for the desert city of Neom, Saudi Arabia. This future city is called, ‘The Line,’ which will looks like a strip of narrow line, running for more than 105 miles long, and housing an entire civilization in it.

    The official video release of this project had people dumfounded over the impossibility of a literal city flourishing between the narrow walls of a straight line. While some praised it for its mission of sustainable living and zero carbon emissions, some, on the other hand, couldn’t stop calling the project ‘dystopian.’

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    500 Meters Higher Than The Empire State Building, The ‘Giga Project’ Of Saudi Arabia

    The Line city will be 105 miles long
    The Line city will be 105 miles/170 kilometers long

    The official video which was released, highlighting the conceptual prospects of the new city, revealed astonishing facts and figures about ‘The Line.’ Firstly, the city will run for 105 miles long and will be 500 meters higher than the Empire State Building. There’ll be no cars or roads. Instead, a high-speed railway will relay people from end to end within 20 minutes. All kinds of needs, from education to healthcare, will be available on a five-minute walk.

    The vision of the city had everyone astounding, but what no one saw coming was the fact that the 105-mile-long city will be encased within mirrors. This is how the alternative name, ‘The mirrored city,’ also came up.

    Talking about the Neom Development Project, Mohammad Bin Salam said, “The designs revealed today for the city’s vertically layered communities will challenge the traditional flat, horizontal cities and create a model for nature preservation and enhanced human livability.”

    Twitter Got Into A Debate Mode Over ‘The Line’ City.

    The Neom Project is aiming for zero carbon emissions and a sustainable living
    The Neom Project is aiming for zero carbon emissions and a sustainable living

    Twitter is the best social media platform when it comes to knowing the public’s reaction to any topic. On the release of the promo video of ‘The Line’ city project, it saw great engagement, and quote retweets. Many simply compared this scientific-AI project with various sci-fi books and movies.

    Many others questioned the possibility of such a city, posing questions about the safety of the citizens, and its stability in times of natural disasters, readily calling the project ‘dystopian,’ and a plot for a ‘post-apocalyptic,’ movie.

    Another set of tweets took the opportunity to comment on the socio-political hypocrisy of the country and ‘The Line’ city project.

    The Neom Project construction has already started, and it has been announced that by 2030, ‘The Line’ will be ready to house 1.5 million people. The full capacity of ‘The Line’ city will be 9 million.

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