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    Sydney Sweeney Set To Portray Boxer Christy Martin In Upcoming Biopic

    Sydney Sweeney‘s iconic Met Gala black bob was not just hairstyle, it had a reason behind it. After the success of Euphoriathe actress has been changing gears from young adult series to horror, and of course, romantic comedies. This time, however, she seems to be leaning towards a biopic.

    Not just a fashion statement, Sweeney’s black hairdo seems to be in preparation for her upcoming biopic of boxer Christy Martin, for which she has started training already. Here are all the details of the upcoming film.

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    Sydney Sweeney As Christy Martin

    Sydney Sweeney and Christy Martin
    Sydney Sweeney and Christy Martin

    As reported by Deadline, Sydney Sweeney will be portraying American boxer Christy Martin in her upcoming biopic. The film will be directed by David Michôd, with an ensemble of talented actors to give Christy’s story justice.

    Talking about the movie and how she has been preparing for it since she was young, Sweeney said, “I grappled and did kickboxing from 12-19 years old. I’ve been itching to get back into the ring, train, and transform my body. Christy’s story isn’t a light one, it’s physically and emotionally demanding, there’s a lot of weight to carry. But I love challenging myself.”

    She also heavily praised Christy Martin for her contribution to the world of female boxing, and overcoming gender stereotypes. Sydney also lauded for the emotional, physical, and financial struggle that Martin emerged victorious out of.

    “I feel compelled to tell a story about a woman who faced so much adversity and didn’t allow it to defeat her. It’s powerful, and emotional,” Sydney said.

    The film’s shooting has not started yet, but is set to begin soon. Nevertheless, Sweeney seems to be the perfect choice for the role as many others have said on social media. She’s broadening her horizons as an actor, while also changing the blonde stereotypical roles she usually plays.

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    Who Is Christy Martin?

    Christy Martin
    Christy Martin

    One of the most well-known female boxers of the 1990s, Christy Martin, was a former professional fighter from the United States. She was born in Mullens, West Virginia, on June 12, 1968, and rose to prominence in the sport due to her accomplishments and contribution to the growth of women’s boxing.

    Martin had a prosperous career, as she took home numerous world titles and gained fame for her boxing. She was also referred to as “The Coal Miner’s Daughter” because she was born in West Virginia.

    She also competed against some of the biggest female boxers in history, such as Laila Ali, Lucia Rijker, and Mia St. John. Her impact on women’s boxing has been significant, as she helped pave the way for the increased acceptance and popularity of female fighters in a sport historically dominated by men.

    Outside of the ring, Martin struggled with personal issues, one of which was the stabbing and attack by her ex-husband, James Martin, who was also her former trainer and promoter. After healing thoroughly, Martin remained active in boxing, serving as trainer and promoter.

    The film will be a testament to her strength, her massive career and the struggles she went through on her way to success. Hopefully, Sydney Sweeney will give justice to the biopic, and make it another successful film for herself as well.

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