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    “The Worst I Did Was, F*** You All”: Britney Spears Defends Her Reaction To Getting Slapped By Victor Wembanyama’s Security

    Britney Spears recently got involved in an incident with the NBA star Victor Wembanyama’s security. The ‘Gimme More‘ singer is a huge fan of Wembanyama’s who is going to take part in the upcoming Las Vegas match. 

    However, the two got involved in a rather embarrassing incident. Today we will take a look at what happened to Spears and how she reacted after the incident.

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    What Happened Between Britney Spears And Victor Wembanyama?

    Victor Wembanyama
    Victor Wembanyama

    Britney Spears had a fangirl moment when she spotted Victor Wembanyama at a Las Vegas restaurant. She proceeded to get the NBA player’s attention by tapping him on the shoulder. 

    But she was then hit by one of the members of the security team. Spears got hit across the face and her glasses flew off from her face. Britney Spears stated that she could have been knocked down too. 

    This incident left her visibly angry. However, Wembanyama says that he was grabbed from behind and this made his security act up. But this account is not right. A recently surfaced video published by TMZ shows that Britney gently tapped on the NBA player’s shoulder. 

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    How Did Britney Spears React?

    Britney Spears
    Britney Spears

    The pop sensation was seen standing outside the restaurant in Las Vegas visibly angry and seething. Britney Spears took to Twitter and demanded an apology from Wembanyama’s security team. Later when TMZ posted the video, Britney also commented on the post. 

    I’m not sharing this to be a victim … I SIMPLY GET IT HONESTLY … my reaction was priceless … BAD ??? YES … I’ve had documentaries done about me and none of which I approved … I have felt helpless in most situations and my experience in Vegas and my reaction was a cry out on all levels … I will say it,” wrote the singer. 

    Britney also thanked everyone who stood by her after the incident. She added, “When I watched the video myself … the people who actually swarmed around me when they heard me get hit made me feel like I mattered !!! I wasn’t aware of that at the time … all people could hear was me saying f**k you all … which was WAY BETTER THAN HITTING HIM BACK!!!

    However, even after all this, Britney remains a big fan of Wembanyama’s. She also added in her post that she knew this was not his fault and maintains her loyalty as a fan. 

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