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    What Is The 2017 Delphi Murder Case? Everything You Need To Know

    More than five years have passed since best friends Libby German, 14, and Abby Williams, 13, went for a stroll in Delphi, Indiana. Neither was ever heard from again. In all these years, a number of local males have been accused of being involved in their killings. But no one was detained, no suspects were publicly identified, and one promising lead after another fizzled. Until now.

    In relation to the 2017 teen killings, a man has been arrested for the first time. A suspect is now in custody after more than five years of two young girls being killed in Indiana while out hiking.

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    How Did The Delphi Murder Happen?

    Following their trip on a trek along the Monon High Bridge Trail in Delphi, Indiana, Libby and Abby disappeared on February 13, 2017. The next morning, their remains were found in a forested location about half a mile off the route. Police have withheld information regarding the girls’ causes of death and the murder scene for years.

    However, a search warrant application that the podcast ‘The Murder Sheet‘ was able to secure and share with The Independent back in May revealed alarming new information on the killings.

    The warrant also made it clear for the first time that the kids had been killed using a weapon. According to the records that have come to light, Abby and Libby are thought to have been murdered somewhere else, after which their killer transferred the bodies to the spot where they were discovered.

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    What Evidence Did The Police Find?

    Libby also recorded a shaky video of a man strolling along the abandoned railroad bridge while wearing blue trousers, a blue jacket, and a cap on her phone. This step advanced the inquiry.

    Another terrifying audio of the guy instructing the two girls to “go down the hill” was released by investigators along with a blurry picture from the footage. 

    The individual was described by police as a Caucasian person between the ages of 16 and 40, standing between 5′ 6″ and 5′ 10″, and weighing between 180 and 200 pounds. Police released many drawings of a guy who matched the man’s description in the video. The FBI executed a search warrant at the residence of Ron Logan, the owner of the property where the girls were discovered, in March 2017.

    Logan made up a fictitious alibi for his movements on the day of the murder, and his mobile phone rang close to where the girls’ corpses were discovered, according to the search warrant. He was never prosecuted, according to WTTV, and passed away in January from COVID-related problems.

    Who Is The Suspect In The Delphi Murder Case?

    Authorities announced on Monday that an individual has been arrested by Indiana State Police in relation to the 2017 murders of two young girls.  Doug Carter, the superintendent of the state police, reported that 50-year-old Richard Matthew Allen was taken into custody last week on two murder charges. 

    The arrest was announced after nearly six years of unsuccessfully sifting through thousands of leads in an effort to find a culprit. “I am proud to report to you … that an arrest has been made,” said Indiana State Police Superintendent Doug Carter at the news conference Monday morning. “Thanks to literally hundreds of media outlets that have been steadfast in reporting and keeping the memories of Abby and Libby front and center.”

    Carter emphasized that more information regarding the arrest and inquiry won’t be made public just yet because the investigation is still ongoing. “While I know you are all expecting final details today concerning this arrest, today is not that day,” he said. “This investigation is far from complete, and we will not jeopardize its integrity by releasing or discussing documents or information before the appropriate time.”

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