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    Who Was Grant Wahl? How Did He Die During FIFA World Cup?

    The FIFA World Cup is going on in full swing in Qatar. However, something really unfortunate and mysterious has happened that has gotten the entire world’s attention. Journalist Grant Wahl passed away in Qatar while covering the world cup.

    Grant had been earlier detained by the Qatar officials for wearing a rainbow shirt in support of the LGBTQ community. Let’s find out detail about Grant and the circumstances and reasons for his sudden and tragic demise at a young age.

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    Who Was Grant Wahl?

    Grant Wahl
    Grant Wahl

    Wahl was a sports journalist and soccer analyst for CBS Sports. He had also worked as a correspondent for Fox Sports and as a senior content writer for Sports Illustrated.

    In 2009, Grant published a book titled The Beckham Experiment which examined David Beckham’s impact on American soccer. Throughout his career, Wahl mainly focused on American soccer and College Basketball.

    In 2011, he also ran for the FIFA presidency but withdrew after he failed to find endorsement from a football association. Wahl started his podcast and newsletter after quitting his job in 2020 during the pandemic.

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    How Did He Die?

    Grant Wahl
    Grant Wahl

    On December 10, Wahl collapsed and died in Qatar while covering the FIFA World Cup. The 48-year-old journalist was covering the quarterfinal match between Argentina and the Netherlands at the Lusail Iconic Stadium.

    He had earlier been detained by the officials for wearing a t-shirt supporting the LGBTQ community. Eric, Grant’s brother, has suspected foul play in his death and says the Qatar government might be involved in it. It is still not clear if Wahl died at the hospital or midway. The cause of his death is also unclear.


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