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    Why Bella Hadid Is Willing To Risk Her Career To Support Palestine

    The latest chapter of bloodshed is all about the Israel-Palestine conflict. The Israel-Palestine conflict is well known with the  Palestinians saying Israel was forcibly established in their homeland, and Israel claiming it has every right to exist in its Biblical homeland.

    Celebrities have become vocal about the ongoing political issue and have extended their support when in need. As the Isreal-Palestine issue has made it back to the headlines, Bella Hadid has candidly spoken up about the conflict.

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    Bella Hadid Is Ready To Risk Her Career And Support Palestine

    Bella Hadid
    Bella Hadid

    On October 7, the American top model Bella Hadid candidly spoke about the Israeli-Palestine conflict after the Hamas militants launched a surprise attack on Israel. Hadid issued a statement saying, “Even if my career stops I will never stop supporting Palestine. I’m not afraid to lose modeling jobs & I will continue to speak up on Palestine.”

    Bella Hadid expressed her thoughts after her father, Mohamed Hadid called “the Israel prime minister the new Hitler.” He further wrote, “This was never about Hamas. This to create the new graveyard to 2.5 million Palestinians .. the new Hitler of modern times.”

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    How Are The Hadid Sisters Connected To Palestine?

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    In the last few years, the supermodels Bella Hadid and Gigi Hadid have openly spoken about their views on the Israel-Palestinian conflict. The Hadid sisters belong to Palestinian ancestry from their father’s side. 

    The Hadid sister’s father Mohamed Anwar Hadid was born in a Palestinian Muslim family.  Gigi and Bella are half-Palestinian and half-Dutch on their mother’s side. On Wednesday, Gigi Hadid also shared a post and showed empathy for the refugees and victims of Israel and Palestine. 

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