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    Why Did Beck Exit Arcade Fire’s Tour? Who Will Replace Him?

    There’s been something interesting happening over the few weeks as the Arcade Fire’s US tour started just six weeks ago. The musician, Beck has now altogether dropped out of the tour. There haven’t been any reasons that have been cited as to why the artist has quit his role as the supporter.

    The resignation turns into a controversy because another musician had also quit the tour six weeks before. It was Feist who had quit the tour six weeks prior. Feist released a statement about the allegations facing Arcade Fire frontman Win Butler. In light of these accusations, it would not be strange if we did not doubt Butler had something to do with Beck quitting.

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    Beck Informs About Him Quitting


    The artist had responded to the ticket buyers via an email sent to Variety. He shared that “unfortunately no longer able to join Arcade Fire on their upcoming North American tour. Taking his place will be Boukman Eksperyans.” He was supposed to be the supporting artist for the band from 27 October for 18 concerts till December 1 in Toronto. Beck had been there with the band for the European leg of the tour. He hadn’t made any further explanations to add to why he was dropping off. Boukman Eksperyans would be replacing the artist.

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    Allegations Against Win Butler

    Win Butler
    Win Butler

    Feist is not the first or the only one who has reported Win Butler of sexual misconduct. There were four musicians who spoke out against Butler from 2015 to 2020. Butler had apologized then, “to anyone who I have hurt with my behavior”. The sexual allegations came up in August, which were put forward by Leslie Feist against Butler. She works under a surname on stage.

    Feist had opened the first two concerts in Dublin which had taken place on 30 and 31 August. “This has been incredibly difficult for me and I can only imagine how much more difficult it’s been for the people who came forward. I’ve always written songs to name my own subtle difficulties, aspire to my best self, and claim responsibility when I need to. And I’m claiming my responsibility now and going home,” Feist had shared on Twitter.

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