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    Why Visiting The World’s Tallest Tree Could Put You In Jail For Six Months With $5,000 Fine

    Ever heard of going to jail because of a mere tree? This would now be possible. The world’s tallest tree, according to Guinness World Records is now out of bounds for visitors due to the damage caused by tourists. So anyone caught attempting to get an up-close look or found near the tree named Hyperion could face up to six months in jail.

    On top of the prison time, they’ll be hit with a $5,000 (£4,103) fine. This does seem like a lot for a tree, doesn’t it? Here’s everything you need to know about the latest rules.

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    Hyperion, The First Tallest Tree To Introduce Fine And Jail Time

    The tallest tree in the world
    The tallest tree in the world

    The National Park Service announced last week that anyone found in the area of Hyperion, a redwood tree located along the Northern California coast in Redwood National Park, could receive up to a $5,000 fine and six months in jail. Hyperion was discovered by naturalists in 2006. It is certified by Guinness World Records as the tallest tree in the world. The tree has an incredible height of 115.92 meters (380 feet).

    The sequoia is “located off-trail through dense vegetation and requires heavy ‘bushwhacking‘” to reach it, officials from the park service stated in a release. Despite the remote location, the tree has become a popular destination for travel bloggers and enthusiasts. This has resulted in devastating damage to the habitat around Hyperion.

    For example, visitors stepping on the tree has caused degradation around its base. There are no longer ferns in the area because of trampling. This is a cause for concern since the Redwood roots are “incredibly shallow” so trampling on the area can negatively affect the trees.

    The Park Is Surrounded By Trash and Human Waste

    People exploring the jungle
    People exploring the jungle

    The park officials are now also downplaying the area. Their claims are how impressive Hyperion is to see and that the view “doesn’t match its hype.

    Hyperion’s trunk is small in comparison to many other old-growth redwood trees and its height cannot be observed from the ground,” officials said. “There are hundreds of trees on designated trails that are more impressive to view from the tree’s base.”

    Leonel Arguello, the park’s Chief Of Natural Resources also disclosed that trash and human waste were found around the tree. This was being done to create side trails around it to use as a bathroom.

    As a visitor, you must decide if you will be part of the preservation of this unique landscape – or will you be part of its destruction?” the park official questioned, adding that there are “hundreds of miles of trails” that offer amazing views of huge redwood trees.

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