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    Viral video shows Carjacking attempt going hilariously wrong

    Carjacking is a type of crime where a person attempts to hijack a vehicle by force. It is an amalgamation of two words, car and hijacking. Usually, a criminal points a gun toward a driver and tells them to get out of their vehicle. The criminal then successfully drives off.

    But not all the time, carjacking can lead to success. There have been attempts that are completely botched. In a viral video on Reddit, we witness one such carjacking that has gone hilariously wrong.

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    Video Shows Carjacking Gone Wrong


    A couple of days ago, a user named ‘Gullible Sharky’ posted a short video on a Reddit community called ‘WinStupidPrizes.’

    This one-minute and 23-second long video is titled ‘Attempted carjacking backfires.’ It has since gone viral and has generated a lot of reactions. The video, which is actually CCTV footage, shows a woman driving an SUV inside her house parking.

    She opens the gate and the SUV moves inside. As she was about to park, a white car enters the premise and parked right behind her. Four armed men barge out of it and point their guns at her. The woman, showing a lot of courage, doesn’t get scared. They were attempting a carjacking. One of them knocked at her vehicle window. There are also some dogs on her balcony.

    The guys were walking around her vehicle and that is when the woman reverses her SUV with full throttle. She hits the criminal’s vehicle and pushes it towards the end of her gate. The guys get inside and move out. The lady reverses again at full speed and hits them.

    Then we see the lady continuously hitting their vehicle as all four get out and run for their life. The tone of the video is hilarious despite the seriousness of the crime. We also get a funny commentary on the incident from a woman.

    Viral Video Shows Bull Sending A Woman Flying

    Spanish Bullfight
    Spanish Bullfight

    Last week, another funny video was posted on the same community on Reddit. A user named ‘Poohbizzle79’ posted the short video on the page ‘WinStupidPrizes’. The nine-second-long video is called ‘The result of standing behind a matador’s muleta.’

    The video shows a group of people involved in Spanish bullfighting sports at an unknown location. In the start, a woman is seen trying to provoke the bull with the muleta (which is a piece of cloth used in the sport). The bull charges at her and hits her really hard.

    Quickly, a few other people including the Matador (the bullfighter), distract the bull as the lady hilariously runs towards the audience’s side.

    The video ends with some of the audience members laughing at the woman. It is really funny but also unveils the danger involved in this sport.

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