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    Giant Bull Sends Woman Flying After She Tries To Hide Behind Matador’s Muleta

    Spanish-style bullfighting is a popular form of sports in several countries including Mexico, Spain, Columbia, Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela. It is also played in parts of southern France and Portugal.

    The sport involves a tussle between a human being and a bull in which the human tries to subdue, immobilize or kill a bull. It looks genuinely scary and dangerous and has been criticized for animal cruelty. A recent video on Reddit shows us how quickly the sport can turn from fun to dangerous.

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    Scary Video Of Woman Getting Hit By A Bull Goes Viral

    Spanish Bullfight
    Spanish Bullfight

    On 28th July, a user named ‘Poohbizzle79’ posted a short video on the popular Reddit page WinStupidPrizes. The nine-second-long video is titled ‘The result of standing behind a matador’s muleta.’

    It shows a group of people involved in Spanish bullfighting sports at an unknown location. In the beginning, a woman is seen trying to provoke the bull with the muleta (which is a piece of cloth used in bullfighting). The bull charges at her and hits her like a ton of bricks.

    A few other people, including the Matador (the bullfighter), distract the bull as the lady quickly runs towards the safe side.

    The video ends with some of the audience members laughing at the woman. The short video is crisp, funny and a little bit jarring. It also underlines how dangerous the sport is and even a deviation for a second can lead to lethal injuries, even death sometimes.

    Reddit Is A Place For Unbelievable Stories

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    Recently, another user named ‘AmItheA**hole‘, who is a single dad, shared a story about his daughter on Reddit. Due to the Apple I Cloud glitch, he said: “Sometimes our texts would show up in each other’s inboxes sometimes. But not on all devices. I’ve had my younger sons text show up on my laptop, my texts show up on daughters phone, etc.”

    One day, his daughter was planning to go to a concert when he stumbled upon her chat. He wrote, “I was shocked at what I saw. She was talking about alcohol. Her and her friends are planning on sneaking in alcohol, marijuana, and something I have personally never heard of called ‘molly’.

    He continued, I legitimately don’t know what that is so as you can assume by this point I’m freaking out. I scroll up to find the outfits daughter plans on wearing as well. When I say “outfits” that’s me being very generous because to me it looks like just underwear, not an outfit.”

    The man then barred his daughter from visiting the concert and doing drugs. He later reached out to other parents as well. Since the incident, the father-daughter duo is not on talking terms. “She thinks I’m wrong to take away something she spent her own money on.”

    “I told her it’s not the concert, it’s what she’s planning on doing there I can’t possibly be okay with if I know about it in advance“, he added.

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