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    “Second Proudest Moment In Sports Media”: Detroit Lions Troll ‘Breaking Bad’ Actor Bryan Cranston With A Walter White Meme After Los Angeles Rams’ Defeat

    Bryan Cranston rose to fame with his portrayal of Walter White in the hit series ‘Breaking Bad’. The series made him the recipient of six Emmy Awards and two Golden Globes, but recently, the character became the reason for his trolling after the recent Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Rams match.

    During the Los Angeles Rams match against the Detroit Lions, Bryan Cranston showed support for the Rams. However, in the history of 32 years, the Detroit Lions won their first postseason game. The team used one of the Walter White memes to celebrate the victory, making the Lions fans proud of the social media personnel of the team.

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    Detroit Lions Had 24-23 On Scoreboard During The Match Against Los Angeles Rams

    Detroit Lions wins against the Los Angeles Rams
    Detroit Lions wins against the Los Angeles Rams

    After 32 years, the Detroit Lions won a postseason game with an impressive performance at Ford Field against the Los Angeles Rams.

    The Lions had a nine-game losing streak that broke in 1992 when they won against the Dallas Cowboys. In 1994, they hosted a playoff game against the Green Bay Packers, and they have not hosted since.

    During the game, many celebrities like Eminem, Taylor Lautner, Big Sean, and others came to show support for the Lions. One of the biggest supporters of the Rams, Bryan Cranston, was also present at the game and predicted the outcome. However, the loss of the LA Rams hurt the fans but triggered a meme fest for the Lions, using Bryan’s Walter White meme to celebrate their victory.

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    Lions Fans Hail The Team For The Funniest Post-Win Celebration On Social Media

    Detroit Lions uses Bryan Cranston's 'Breaking Bad' character Walter White to troll after LA Rams loss
    Detroit Lions uses Bryan Cranston’s ‘Breaking Bad’ character Walter White to troll after LA Rams loss

    The Detroit Lions’ official page on social media posted an image of Bryan Cranston’s Walter White character from ‘Breaking Bad’. It is still when Walter calls his wife to tell her that they won. The Lions used the still to troll the celebrity and celebrate their victory. The fans have appreciated the team’s move to use the ‘Breaking Bad’ reference.

    After the Sunday win, the Detroit Lions will host two playoff games at home, competing either with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or the Philadelphia Eagles.

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